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Leona and Amelia’s story

Once upon a time,there were two twin sisters.Their names were Leona and Amelia Richardson.They were both six years old,but Leona was older by minutes.The sisters were closer than anyone.They were fairly wealthy,but they were also sweet and energetic.

Their father started a whole town,the one they ended up living in and he even named it after their last name.”The town of Richardson.”

Also,other people were beginning to become jealous of the family’s wealth.Parents would tell their children to bully Leona and Amelia by calling them names like:”Spoiled brats!” and “ugly pigs!” The children would think nothing of it and name call them.They were told that it was supposed to be a fun game.

They only ever got name called,but it hurt them.

The parents themselves would be rude to the other parents,all because they were jealous and wanted people to assume things about the Richardsons.

The name calling for Leona and Amelia never stopped,no matter how much their parents intervened,it didn’t stop.It only got worse.

But then…a circus opened.It was across from their house,too.

Their parents took Leona and Amelia there,to get rid of their troubles.

The girls saw many different animals.They even saw people bend themselves like elastic bands and leap over tall buildings,buildings that were so tall,they seemed to touch the Heavens.

Leona and Amelia met a charming man who owned the circus.He got them free candy and popcorn whenever they visited.He even gave them special names.The family was introduced to his thirteen year old,William,who babysat them when the parents were gone.

It looked like things were going wonderful for the girls..

But like I said earlier,good things can’t last.

It was 8:00 on a Saturday evening.Leona and Amelia were fighting over a music box.Both girls wanted to play with it.

“IT’S MINE!” Leona screamed.

“NO,IT’S MINE!” Amelia yelled.

Suddenly,they heard voices downstairs.They stopped fighting over the music box and went downstairs.Their parents were in the living room,talking to the man who owned the circus.

“Can I take them?” The man asked.

“Why?” Their parents asked.

“So I can turn them into skeleton-vampire hybrids.You’ll be able to visit them,of course.But they’ll live in my circus,as freaks.” The man said.

The girls were shocked.Why would he want to lock them away and change them?

“No.” Their parents said.

“But-“ He was saying.

“NO!” They yelled more firmly.

“They are our daughters,not lab rats to be experimented with.We had them visit your circus to cheer them up when they were sad.We won’t be coming again anytime soon.” Their parents said.

“But-“ He got interrupted again.

“Goodbye.” They led him outside.

“Hear me out-“ He said.

“GOODBYE!” They yelled,slamming the door in his face.

The children quickly ran upstairs before they could get caught.


Now,it was 8:30 and the girls were lying in bed,when suddenly,they smelled something.It smelled like smoke.

They left their rooms to check it out.To their surprise,the whole house was on fire!

“Mom? Dad?” They asked,coughing up smoke.The smoke was too overwhelming for them.They had forgotten what to do in a fire and started coughing up smoke.

Nothing.There was only the stench of heat and destruction.

The girls tried searching for the door,but they couldn’t find it.The whole house was falling apart.

“MOM?! DAD?!” They screamed again,this time with tears in their eyes.

“MOM?! DAD?!” They repeated,still looking for them.

“WHERE ARE YOU?! SOMEBODY,HELP US!” The girls cried,coughing up smoke and breathing heavily.

They tried everything,these poor girls.But soon,the girls burned up and died.The house collapsed on their dead bodies.

They woke up,dead.At least they had each other.

Now,some say they still haunt the town,seeking revenge for their death.

Characters in Gacha Club:

(There are seven pictures.The last three are the girls as ghosts,with burn wounds from their deaths)

Leona & Amelia's Mom:

Leona & Amelia's Dad:

Leona (alive):


Leona (ghost):

Amelia (ghost):

Amelia (ghost) (covering her face):

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