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Ever since the demon burned away her parents,Felicia was left to miserably rot in the orphanage,haunted by ghosts of her past. Until one faithful day of when she was fourteen. That day was when she met Tiana. *From my “Marcia Blythe and the questionable (but beautiful) demon doctor” stories.

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Felicia in the orphanage

After the incident,they took her away to the orphanage.The child care people.They took her away.There was no where else to go.

Felicia couldn’t speak to anyone.She couldn’t bear it.

Now a teen,she wandered the halls alone,feeling like the ghosts she caught a fleeting glance at.

She was sitting on her bed,cross-legged.

She didn’t want to sleep.

Not now.

Not ever.

Out of the corner of her eye,a pale,white,glowing child danced in front of her.

A ghost.

Usually she didn’t speak to the ghosts.Not after what happened.

But this one,this one seemed different.It seemed like shehadto speak to her.


The child glimmered in front of her.

It became clearer that this child was a little girl,with perfect braids,a soft dress, and darling Mary Janes on each foot.

“Who are you?” Felicia asked.

The girl giggled.

“My name is Tiana.What’syourname?”


“Like the color!”

“Excuse me?”

“Felicia is a type of purple,I think.It’s my favorite color!”

“Don’t you mean fuchsia?”

She asked this nicely,so as not to offend her.There was something so genuine and kind about her that wasn’t in others.

Tiana’s face scrunched up in thought.

“Yes! That’s what I meant.”

“It’s my favorite color too.”



Tiana giggled again.

“You’re so lonely!” She laughed.

Felicia was taken aback.Why was this child picking on her?

The girl stopped laughing.Her face went serious.

“That’s why I’m here.So I can be your friend.”

Too quick to catch with the eye,she appeared next to her.

“No one should be alone.” Tiana said with a grim look in her eyes.

“I appreciate your company.” Felicia replied.

Tiana beamed again.

“That’s why I’m here!”

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Samantha Roberts I’m going to write paranormal,romance, and horror stories.Not for kids under 13.Have a good day.

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