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A queen, the most powerful mage at the era of the most scariest one. August Ainsley Hayes, however, to cure the kingdom's curse that's made by the blood of dragons that she killed, she sacrificed herself and entered the eternal sleep without hesitation. However, after 17 years, she have returned. And continuesly to move watching the stolen throne of her's, as well her dearest desciples that she treasured.

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The Return Of The Queen

I was in a eternal sleep, sacrificing my own life for this kingdom of mine that I protected for decades that has been wondering in knowhere.

the land of alenticia.

the kingdom that I protected, and pledge my oath to because I am the " queen " of this empire. this south empire.

and, I am not joking when I said I am returning to reclaim what's mine. that you took when I have been asleep.

now, I won't ever let you take over my country, my people and my throne.

the throne that have been pledge to my blood.

that is also why, the kingdom that's in the hand of yours are suffering. now, what would you do, my dearest enemy?

a sip of wine while watching them make an obvious fake smile infornt of the ' king. '

I just smiled, all of them are showing discourtesy to him while back then, they are bowing to me with respect and smile on there faces.

" it's..been 17 years, i see. "

I stutter to myself, no one heard it. I came back. I'm alive. ' no, but I wonder. how are my four desciples. did Lucia and Lucy became a mage? and did fin and luck became a knight? '

but luck.. I wonder how is that boy, that naughty little boy doing. I laughed. " the knight, the treasured captains are here! " I saw, luck's beautiful white eyes, his beautiful face. standing beside the king with an unbothered face. more likely an emotionless one. and fin standing before him, he has a pationate smile and a great figure. the crowd once again cheered and have an energy.

they were given an speech to spoke at the entire crowd.

while the king, his majesty is asking for luck to make an oath to him, hewari larson.

luck bowed down and spoke.

" your majesty, I cannot pledge my treasured aoth to you. " he said, fin smiled once again and nodded showing how he agreed, " may I ask you why? "

" I already pledge my aoth to my master. I cannot give it to you freely. so I should choose more wisely, and swearing an oath to you is not an wise decision. I apologize. "

the king shown no answer as someone came, " yes, precisely. " a familiar voice coming from above. it was Lucia, at the back of her was Lucy, his sister.

" I see. " the king answered while the sisters came down and bowed down to show some respect to the so-called king.

I laughed again while looking at them, however luck met my eyes. and came running towards me, I cannot allow us to meet just yet that's why I runned too he cannot catch up to me. he may be is powerful, but I am the one who teach him that, well then. see you next time, my dear desciples.

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