Jayce was a woman who lived in a small town that nobody knew of. Just before she turned twenty-six, she stumbled across this old run-down building on the far side of town that nobody used anymore. Being curious by nature, she walked inside it and ended up finding a portal to another realm that was kept hidden from society and the entire world. Shadows Fall is a place where anything is possible. Assassin's kill innocents, thieves steal from those who underestimate them, wars break out and destroy cities and towns, vampires and werewolves lurk within the darkest parts of the realm. Other beings live here as well. Jayce didn't think she would ever be in a place such as this nor thrown into the heart of it all. But she was. Here she meets four different people who she quickly learns she is meant to help in one way or another; Kae'dro, Nyanii, Zahjou, and Laejahn. However one of them, she didn't think would change her life forever. When she meets Nyanii, she realizes that it's the same person from her dreams.

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 21 ans.

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Prologue: The Dream

The air was thick and heavy with sex as Jayce lay there on the bed on her stomach; her hands gripping the sheets of the large massive bed where she was lying upon, her brunette hair was messy and matted, her skin glistened with sweat, her firm breasts rubbed against the sheets slowly as she could feel another woman behind her. Her toned legs were spread out wide as far as they could go and she lowered her head down onto the pillows as she felt soft but smooth fingers sliding in and out of her pussy thus making her move her body in sync with every thrust.

The woman who was behind her leaned over her body as she worked her own fingers in and out of Jayce's pussy, her free hand running down Jayce's back up to her shoulders and then down and around to cup one of her breasts, squeezing harshly. A grin formed on her mouth as she heard a muffled moan come from Jayce's lips. Too long have they wanted this moment, but with wars and other battles they hadn't been able to until now. Her tail swished behind her as she could smell the strong scent of sex coming from Jayce.

​​​​​​Jayce moaned again as she felt her lover work her fingers in even deeper inside her already slick pussy; the claws at the end of those slim fingers adding pain to the pleasure that made her feel even more aroused. Another moan left her lips and she lifted her head up off the pillow, turning it to the side. Her lovers face leaned down to her own and their lips met passionately, tongues swirling together in a dance inside of her mouth while she felt her lovers fingers move faster and harsher inside her pussy.

Her lover pulled her fingers out and stopped making-out with her to plant kisses all over Jayce's body and backside, working down to her pussy. Once she was there, she didn't hesitate to shove her long tongue inside Jayce's folds, flicking it in and out as she squeezed Jayce's perfect ass with her hands.

Jayce moaned again and grinded her hips, rubbing her clit on the bed as she felt her lovers tongue deep inside of her pussy. Her breathing was ragged and shallow as she kept moving her body in sync everytime that her lover flicked her tongue faster in and out of her pussy.

Her lover kept on working her tongue in and out faster and faster causing Jayce to moan louder and move her body more until she finally orgasmed. Once she had, her lover kept thrusting her tongue in and out of her drenched pussy causing her arousal to spike again so quickly.

Jayce moaned and grinded her hips harshly, trying to get her lovers tongue further inside her pussy. Her breasts rubbed quickly against the sheets only adding to her arousal.

​​Her lover gripped her perfectly shaped ass in her humanoid hands and shoved her tongue inside Jayce's pussy as far as she could, thrusting it in and out at a faster and harsher speed, hitting Jayce's G-spot over and over.

"Oooh ...fuck. Mmm....yeah just like that.",Jayce moaned as she felt her lovers tongue so deeply inside her pussy. Fuck this felt so damn good.

Her lover continued to thrust her tongue in and out of Jayce's pussy until Jayce orgasmed for the second time tonight; Jayce's juices filling her mouth which she drank up happily. She kept her tongue inside after and swirled it around before pulling it out and licking slowly along the outer folds up to Jayce's ass where she stopped. She moved her head away and stared down at Jayce.

Jayce lay there for a few minutes, catching her breath, and then rolled over onto her back and stared up at her lover who stared back down at her. She smiled up at her.

Her lover smiled back and moved back down to her pussy again, swirling her tongue around Jayce's clit while she kept her eyes on Jayce's own. She lowered her mouth to the sensitive nub and began sucking on it slowly while she used three fingers to thrust in and out of Jayce's pussy at the same pace. Her ears perked up when Jayce moaned again.

Jayce arched her spine, lifting it off the bed some as she felt her lovers mouth continue to suck on her clit until it was swollen and her pussy was slick with wetness that coated her lovers three fingers which were so deep inside of her now. She bucked her hips upwards as her lovers fingers pushed even deeper inside her tight pussy.

Her lover continued to suck on her swollen clit and thrust her fingers deeply within Jayce's pussy, her own pussy becoming wet with need and desire.

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