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Elana is a normal woman with 23 years that has the best single life ever. She has no need to find someone special. But one day everything change when her mother calls her to let her know that she is coming to visit. Elana’s mother wants her daughter to have someone to share all her life experiences. Because how stubburn her mother is Elana is forced to have a fake relationship with the only one Daniel Blackwood(her sexy boss). Will it after everything they lived together still be fake or will anything change?

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Chapter 1

'Wake up girl. You gonna be late for work. It's your first day.' My rommate always tries to wake me up all mornings but she knows that I'm not a morning person. I just hate to wake up early. Maybe that's why most of the time I'm not in a good mood. I mean, I love my job and my coworkers but why must we get to our posts so early. We must be there at 8 a.m or we get fired. Our boss hates when we're late. I sigh 'Only 5 more minutes Layla, I promise after that that I'm gonna be like the flash.'

'NO Elana you need to get out of bed NOW'

'Fine but first let me just do some stretching please.' I said with already some regrets to leave my bed. I need my beauty sleep. When I come to the kitchen I see that Layla already has make breakfast, and the best part was that it was my favorite. Pancakes with some coffee. Layla is my best friend since highschool and my rommate since we decided that we didn't want to live apart from eachother, so we bought this apartment in front the beach. For breakfast and diner we usually eat on the table on our balcony, but sometimes we go out for diner when we have somethings to celebrate, like her salary increase or our birthdays. Of course we have other friends with whom we go out but most of the time it's just the two of us. 'I need to ask you for a favor..' Layla never asks me for anything, so I am a little nervous. 'Tell me' I say even I am scared of what will come. 'So, my brother will marry in two weeks and I need a dress.. As you work in this industry, could you please make me a dress? You know me well so if you don't mind it would help me a lot, cause I have a lot in my mind and I don't have the time to get a dress' I sighed with relief. 'Of course girl, I don't mind at all, I actually would love to make you a dress. I already have some ideas.'

'Thank you, you saved my life' Layla has so much on the ears because of her boss's expections. She works as a baker at a restaurant. Sometimes she brings some food from there or her desserts she made herself. When I finished with eating I picked my car keys and I drive Layla to her work place then I drive to mine. I am coming in to my office when my boss comes to find me. 'Elana I need to talk to you, in my office.. Right now' Oh great now I'm for sure in big trouble. 'Yes M. Blackwood' What the hell have I done? 'Please come in and take a seat' I nodded and did what he said. 'So I have noticed some changes on the suit that you've made for one of our clients. I already told you not to change anything if no one asked for it. This is your last reminder, if you do this one more time, I'm sorry but it's gonna cost you more than you think.' Before I could say something M. Blackwood sighed and restarted 'Look, you are one of the best workers that I have, I really don't want to do something that I will regret okay? So please go to your post and remake the suit.' God even when he's serious he can be hotter than anyone else I have seen. 'I'm sorry, I just thought that...'

It doesen't matter what you thought if you can't do your work in a right way then you need to find another place to work, here we do what our clients want, so if you not happy with it, it's your right to go home.'

'I'm sorry M. Blackwood, I will make my work right for now on. Please give me another chance' I say with fear to be kicked out. 'Good now, you may go' Oh jez I still don't understand why I do things that can risk my job but on that moment it just feels right. Well let's go remake what I have destroyed.

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