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A fictional story about three teens and how their ordinary life gets turned upside down when a mysterious force devastates the planet. Now with special powers granted to them it is up to them to save the world.

Post-apocalyptique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Chapter 1: Prologue

Gita-Koden Samurai
Chapter 1

"Ok class in the Tokugawa Period…" The teacher droned on with the same history I've heard every year of my life.

Does any citizen not know their own country's history by the person's first year of high school? Why do they keep teaching us the same material every year? I get it tradition is important and we should know our heritage but it is just so boring for those smart enough to not need to hear it every year. As I attempt to ignore the boredom I get lost in my thoughts staring out the window and they start to wander off to the typical subject matter they always do. What is the point of living? Seriously, we go to school then get a job, work 60 hours a week then eventually die spending our entire life as just a cog in the machine called society. Can that even be called living? What is the meaning to this mind numbing bullshit we call existence?

I am snapped out of my day dreaming when the teacher calls on me. "Well Yokogawa can you answer the question?"

At that time the bell rings to end the lessons saving me. "Sorry Yoshimori-Sensei looks like it will have to be a cliffhanger until tomorrow." I quickly rush out of the class before he can respond.

"Hey Khrono wait up!" I heard the familiar voice of Ichiro Kobayashi.

I stopped and waited for him but he wasn't alone, leaving the classroom with him to walk with me to our after school clubs, was Sakura Le Roux. The mere sight of her causes me to get flustered. That dyed red hair, beautiful bronze colored eyes that seem to look into my soul, her plump lips that look perfect for kissing, she is the most beautiful thing I had ever laid my eyes on. So beautiful yet down to earth. To me she was an angel but for whatever reason not a lot of people took notice of her. I was fine with that though it just meant I got more of her attention and didn't have to compete for it. I often wonder if she could ever feel for me the way I do about her… nah. Silly idea but I'm just thankful to have her as a friend.

"Hello earth to Khrono! Hey dude, did your mind freeze up again with your daydreaming shit?" Ichiro said, snapping me out of the trance I was under.

"Hehe… Yeah you know me man. I'm always daydreaming about something, right?" I responded trying not to let on who I was just focused on but it would seem my acting needed work.

"Pfft, more like who you are always daydreaming about buddy. We all know a certain someone is always on your mind." Ichiro teased as he nudged my side with his elbow which actually kind of hurt. Damn he doesn't know his own strength.

"Heh, nope. I have no idea what you are talking about. I am just daydreaming about manga like always." I tried to lie but I doubt it was successful, at any rate that should give him the hint to shush. Meanwhile I failed to notice that Sakura had started blushing because she knows who as well.

"Hey man come on, between us bros tell me the.." Ichiro whispers as he leans in only to be interrupted by Sakura punching him in the shoulder as hard as possible.

"Ichiro shut the hell up and leave him alone you wanker or should we ask you about the shella you always think about? Hmm? Let's talk about that for a moment." Sakura said angrily to turn the heat back onto Ichiro.

"Haha, you know what, look at the time we really need to get to Kendo practice. Come on Khrono." Ichiro quickly changed the subject avoiding everything Sakura had said.

On our way to the Kendo Club's dojo on the school campus, we stopped by the War Memorial Club where we parted ways with Sakura. I am still amazed that she is into old war stories and guns. She doesn't look like the type who would be a gun and war enthusiast but as she put it "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Also guns are an excellent modern self defense item and when society falls apart someday we will need to hunt for our own food. You will be thankful to know me when that happens." That is some pretty sound logic if I ever heard any.

Ichiro and I continued on to the locker rooms for the dojo to get changed for practice. In the locker rooms Ichiro starts back up about Sakura. "So how much longer do you intend to make her wait before you ask her out dude? It is obvious she likes you."

"Can you give it a rest already man. Me and her are amazing friends and sure we all know she is the most important person in the world to me and I care about her a lot but what if she says no or what if things don't work out? She is my best friend and if I lost her out of my life completely, I'm not sure if I'd be able to recover." sigh.. " As much as I would love to just tell her how I feel and take things to that level, idk if it is worth risking everything we already have between each other." I responded.

"Ignoring the fact you called her your best friend when that is supposed to be my role, damn dude you worry too much. I am sure no matter what happens you will never lose her. She likes you. Stop over analyzing everything in your life and just do it. I wish I had someone as cute as her, a little less mean but just as cute. Hahaha," Ichiro teased.

"Hey she is only that mean to you because she has to be to keep you in line. If you would think more before you opened your mouth she wouldn't be so hard on you." I teased back.

"Of course she doesn't seem mean to you, she likes you so she is super sweet and nice towards you. She is the devil to most everyone else though." Ichiro explained.

"Pfft. Whatever, I don't see it. She is far from a devil. Anyway, let's hurry on out and join the others." I hurried.

We stepped out into the main room of the dojo where the rest of the club members were already sparing and facing off. "Today is the day the king falls," Ichiro proclaimed as we walked out onto the practice mat.

We stood there staring at each other and Ichiro spoke up. "My name is Ichiro Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die. Seriously though, I am going to beat you."

I chuckled loudly at him, "Do you really think today is that day? As if that day ever existed? Are you sure that today is that day?"

He nodded with excitement and confidence in the growth in his skills.

I responded, "Then I won't hold back and go easy on you like I usually do."

Sensei blew on his whistle to start our match and yet another match between me and Ichiro has now begun. He made the first move as was his usual aggressive kendo style. I easily dodged and countered his attack. To my surprise he blocked my counter and our wooden swords clashed with a loud clap sound.

I smiled, "You've gotten better Ichiro-san but still not good enough to bring me down."

"We'll see," Ichiro rebuttal-ed with his aura still strong with confidence.

He slowly pushed my counter back making my feet slide backwards across the floor but I expected this from him and his brute strength. After he managed to fling me backwards away from the clash he went to attack in the opening that it had left in my guard. I quickly regained my footing and blocked his swing at the last second causing another loud clap to echo through the dojo as our kendo sticks collided. He started pushing me back again, applying more and more pressure hoping his strength alone would make me slip enough for an opening to win. I shifted my weight to my right leg and followed through with a sweeping kick using my left leg knocking his legs out from under him and making him lose his balance and begin falling towards me. I then used the pressure on my right leg as a spring backwards and launched myself to the side out of the path of his fall. Now in midair I rotated my body to do a flip using my hands to bring me back onto my feet. I then rested my kendo sword on the back of Ichiro's neck as he lay face down on the mat.

"Use your opponent's strength against them, Ichiro-san. Next time it might be a real fight with a real sword and against someone that isn't a friend such as me, in said situation you would be dead right now and decapitated." I explained then laughed, "Lucky for you a real sword fight only happens in fictional settings these days."

I reached out my hand to help him up to which he grabbed it laughing. "Well I guess today isn't that day after all. Someday though I swear it will happen, just you wait and see." Ichiro said, trying to salvage his ego while dusting himself off.

Once he was up we both looked around and noticed everyone else had paused in the middle of their sparing and everyone had been watching us. I could hear the whispers and murmurs of everyone around us, "Are those two really first years?" "Did you see how strong the one guy was, he was pushing the other guy backwards. It was like something out of an action movie." "Did you see the back flip the other one did and how fast he went from losing it to winning it." "I've never seen someone with that speed or kind of movement before except in action movies but that is all wires and choreography." "They say the fast one is even better than all of our third years." "With those two around we are sure to win the championship this year." "You know they call them the knight and the king of kendo."

Ugh, always the same nonsense from these slackers. We aren't anything special. Any of them could be just as good if they dedicated the time that Ichiro and I have. The only reason we are this good is because we got tired of all the bullshit we took from others. Our kendo master quickly got everyone back to their sparing. After that display no one was willing to spar with either of us so we ended up leaving early and heading to the showers.

We were done early so I texted Sakura and asked her if she wanted us to wait on her or go ahead on home?

She responded telling us to go on ahead she would get a ride home from one of the club members. Seems after they finished their WW2 documentary they were going to the shooting range for an hour with hands-on experience with real guns from the era. Knowing her she wouldn't stop with just one hour. I reminded her to make sure she didn't stay out too late. Creeps could be wandering around and to make sure she got rest for tomorrow.

Ichiro and I walked home to the apartments we lived in. We are neighbors and planned it that way too. He was the first friend I ever made back in grade school and we've been inseparable ever since. I told him I'd see him in the morning. I was going to go and relax and maybe watch some anime. I fell back onto my bed staring at the ceiling. Why is it all so meaningless…

I woke up to my phone going ringing, shit I must have fallen asleep. I look around and then on my phone it is nine p.m. and it is dark outside. Sakura's mom is calling me, I wonder if Sakura lost her charger again?

I answered the phone, "So did you lose your charger again?"

"Hello, is this Khrono? I am Sakura's mother. She hasn't come home yet and she isn't answering her phone. I was hoping maybe her phone had died and she was just hanging out with you practicing music with you so I tried your phone. However if you think I was her calling.. Now I am really worried about her, Khrono. She should have been home long ago." Her voice was trembling, I needed to calm her down.

"Don't worry Mrs. Le Roux ma'am she told me her WW2 club was visiting the shooting range to look at some antique guns. You know how she is around old war stuff. She likely just got too excited and lost track of time. I will go look for her though just in case." I replied.

"Oh thank you. You are such a sweet boy, please let me know if you find her." She responded before hanging up.

I threw my sneakers back on and ran out the door. I first ran to the shooting range figuring she was still there. According to the owner, their club left 2 hours ago. I wasn't worried before but I am now. I frantically ran to one of her favorite places to eat. Maybe she stopped to grab some food because it had gotten so late and the restaurant was busy so the wait was longer. After running for what felt like an eternity I got there only to see that it was practically empty. I felt myself starting to panic, what if some creep had… or… I shook my head and took some deep breaths to calm myself down. Stop spazzing out Khrono. You know for a fact she is a tough girl who can take care of herself. Just stay calm and go find her. Once I had calmed myself down and caught my breath I went back running tracing the roads and alleys from both the shooting range and her house. The more I looked and didn't find her the harder it became to not panic. I kept running and running as I blamed myself. This is all my fault. I always walk her home because of the creeps out there. But no I had to let the stupid idiots get to me and I just had to leave early to go home and do what? Sleep!? Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK! At this point I was in a full panic sprinting frantically everywhere. My legs were killing me, I felt like I would collapse at any moment but I kept running. I had to keep my promise. Finally at half past ten p.m. I saw her, she was limping along the sidewalk heading to her house. Still several blocks away though.

I ran up to Sakura and hugged her. "Are you ok? I'm so sorry.." I cried while still hugging her, tears rolling down my cheeks.

"Khrono don't get ya knickers in a bind, mate. I'm ok. I just stopped by Maccas for some tea because it was getting late ya know. Then just a couple of blocks away I twisted my damn ankle and have been slowly making my way home. I would have called someone but my phone was dead. Now stop slobbering all over me like a big baby with your tears." She explained.

I let go and bent over propping up on my knees panting. "Do.. you.. Know.. how.. much.. your.. Mom.. was.. worried.." I said between breaths.

Sakura and I both sat down for a moment so I could rest and get myself together. Once I could breath again I called her mom and filled her in on what was going on and told her we would be there soon. I then kneeled down in front of Sakura with my back facing her.

"Ok hop on. You don't need to be walking on a sprained ankle. I'll carry you home." I told her.

"I'm fine you don't have to give me a piggyback ride all the way home." Sakura protested as she attempted to stand up to show she was fine only to wince in pain as soon as pressure was put on her hurt foot.

"Really? You don't look fine to me. Come on now, I'm not taking no for an answer." I retorted.

Sakura sighed and just climbed on my back. She could tell when I wouldn't budge on something. As I carried her home we began talking.

"So why didn't you just borrow one of the other club members phone's when you realized yours was dead?" I asked her.

"Well I didn't realize it was dead until I was walking home. I guess the sprained ankle slowed me down a lot more than I thought if you and my mum were both that worried about me." she explained.

I sighed, "I am just happy you are ok and it was just a sprained ankle slowing you down."

"So what exactly did you think happened to me that made you that scared and upset? I am grateful you care so much about me but I don't get why you were so terrified." Sakura asked, puzzled.

"Well you know, I thought maybe you had been abducted, or raped, or… worse. If something ever happened to you.." I said trying to hold back the trembling in my voice just thinking about it.

"Aww, you are such a silly boy. Haven't you heard I am Diablo, The Devil of Suichi Academy. If anyone had tried anything like that on me they would be dead and no one would ever find the body. And I mean NO ONE. So don't worry so much about me, ok? Now onward to home my steed!" She said with a smile.

How in the fuck was she smiling and scaring me at the same time with all that, ok maybe there is a good reason she has the name devil around the school. Holy shit am I glad I am on her good side. We kept talking just like two peas in a pod the rest of the way to her home. I sat her on her couch and then said my goodbyes and I finally was home and crawling in bed at half past midnight.

ARN! ARN! ARN! ARN! ARN! ARN! Oh god shut up already… I reach over and shut off my alarm. I really don't want to get up right now. I get up anyway to start my morning routine and my legs are like jello. Shit I think I might have overdid it last night running. Well it is what it is, don't regret any of it and would do it again. Once my routine is over and I have a bite of breakfast, I start to feel I am at least a bit closer to normal. Legs still feel like shit, I am still tired as fuck but 'yawn' at least everything is well.

I walk out my door and see Ichiro. "Oh hi, didn't expect you to be out here for some reason." I greeted him.

"Why wouldn't I be? We walk to school together every day to talk about what sick games we are playing now and shit. Although damn dude you look like shit. Even I know to stop and get some sleep. Are you going to be ok?" Ichiro asked me, he was clearly worried about me.

"Yeah I'm fine, Just tired. I had a really messed up nightmare last night but forget about it let's get to school." I said to ease his worries.

After that we went to school. We met Sakura there who was being dropped off by her mom. She was walking with crutches and her ankle wrapped up. We went on to class and another boring day in the same boring life, preparing for a boring job, and a boring future. Finally after a long day of classes we went to our club of the day. Today was our favorite, Music Club.

Although we are technically a club and are supported by the school. It's only the three of us. I'm on guitar and vocals, Sakura is on bass and backup vocals, and Ichiro is on drums. We are Wild Stallions! I'm joking, great movie trilogy but no not going to rip them off. We are Khrono and the Lords of the Underworld. Again I joke, that was a great episode of an amazing show but no not about ripping off things. We are Elements of Darkness or ED. I'm serious this time, no joke. We weren't the best but we were far from the worst band. The club status gave us some guaranteed gigs at school events. We sometimes got other gigs outside of school but we honestly didn't care, this was just our way of expressing ourselves and a bit of a hobby.

"So do you guys want to try that new song after a bit of a warm up?" I asked them both.

Ichiro asked sarcastically, "You mean the one with the super clever amazing title of 'Wisdom'?"

"Yes that one, I didn't hear you suggesting any better names." I snarled back. It's a great name. I don't know what his problem is.

Sakura giggling, "You boys are such dags. I can't believe I am not only friends with you guys but also in a band with you. I must be a real drongo."

"Jeez everyone is with the jokes today." I retorted. After a bit of a warm up and doing a couple of songs we had down by heart it was time to try the new one.

The song came in with Ichiro on the drums giving us a quiet beat, "boom, chick, boom, boom, chick."

Then Sakura came in with her bass, "doon, doo doo doon, doo doon doon."

I then began to sing the opening lyrics soft and quiet, "To the immortals wisdom is ever growing and for everything beautiful there's something hideous and for every gift given a price must be paid. Yeeeeaaaah. For every gift a price must be paid. To be an immortal and gain ever growing wisdom there is a price, there was a pric-e–"

Ichiro went into a more powerful beat slowly getting faster and darker as Sakura played her killer bass solo for a few seconds before they both paused at the climactic point of the solo and of his drum crescendo.

Then I let out a scream as Ichiro's drumming started again with a nice dark feel and I came in with some dark metal riffs. And Sakura's bass supplied a nice dark bass line that set the groove perfectly.

I then began singing more lyrics with a metal rock tone to my voice now, the softer voice from before now completely gone. "The price to pay to receive this gift is ahh,.. is ahh ahh,.. IS AH TO BECOME A MONSTER! An unnatural creature not meant for this world, existing beside this world watching it pass, unable to touch it, taste it, or to feel it..." I kept singing these lyrics that the three of us wrote together and felt like it described our feelings of not belonging anywhere.

We finally got to the point of the song where it was my time to let myself go, my guitar solo. I glanced over at both of them and they both grinned back at me as a sign for me to go for it. I closed my eyes and began playing fast and beautifully as my guitar screeched from the feeling of me pouring my soul into every note and chord. An aura engulfed both me and my guitar as we became one, both me and it longing for more than this life could give, knowing we didn't belong in this boring world as just a random number, a random cog in an endless cycle. My guitar had become an extension of my own body if only for just a few brief moments. As the solo ended I opened my eyes again as we went back into the main rhythm and finished out the song.

However, none of us realized the person sitting on the roof of the school on the opposite wing watching and listening to us through the open window in the room. "Hmm, maybe they are ready after all. It doesn't really matter though, time has run out and it is going to happen even if they aren't ready for it. I hope my master was right about them being the chosen ones. If he is wrong there will be no hope for this world." The unknown and mysterious person thought aloud before disappearing from the roof. We finished our jam session with some more songs before calling it quits for the day.

We packed up the stuff and decided to go to Sakura's house for dinner. Her mom was an amazing cook. It had been awhile since Ichiro and I had a home cooked meal. As the 3 of us walked to her home we started talking to pass the time.

"Dude, dude. DUDE! Really dude wtf was that? I've never heard you play or sing like that man. That was the most insane I've ever heard you. You fucking rocked dude. You need to be on that level all the time my man." Ichiro said regarding the new song.

"Yeah I know I've got some ok vocals but you really showed why you were the lead singer today. You keep that up and you are going to have the girls in the school starting a fan club over you." Sakura stated like it was a given that I was popular.

"Guys guys stop it. For starters both of you are amazing too. Without you guys playing as well as you do, my sound alone would not sound so awesome. This is a team effort and you guys killed as much if not more than I did today. Sakura, I don't know if you noticed but to have a fan club I first have to be popular, something I am not. So I think it will be awhile before we have to worry about that." I responded.

"Good thing too, any skanks try to fucking come near you I will slice their fucking throats and feed them to the pigs." Sakura mumbled.

"Uuuh, did you say something Sakura?" I questioned.

"What? No, no. Just got our song stuck in my head, that's all because it was so good." She replied.

"So Khrono like where did that come from? The solo, the power in those vocals, I helped you write them and even I felt moved by them." Ichiro asked.

"Well it's the lyrics. I've been thinking a lot lately about how I don't feel like I fit in with this world. Everything just feels so meaningless. I feel like everyone's lives were meant for something bigger than this. I can't explain it, I just have this feeling in my gut you know. So I just let my frustrations and feelings flow." I answered.

"Well whatever it is that is bringing the talent out keep it up because it sounds amazing." Ichiro said.

"Yeah I agree with him whatever your muse is that has your talent performing at its best hold onto it. With you leading our band we are sure to make it eventually." Sakura said encouragingly.

She then hugged my arm and laid her head over on my shoulder as we walked. Damn she must really be tired from the day if she is laying over on me while we are walking. I reached over with my other arm and patted her head.

"It's ok Sakura. We will be there soon and you can relax and recover from the day." I said, trying to comfort her.

She smiled up at me. "You silly boy." She said randomly at me and stuck out her tongue. More of her games.

"Can you two at least wait until I'm not around before you guys start with the lovey dovey crap. Some of us are lonely and not as fortunate as you." Ichiro complained.

I turned and looked at with a puzzled look, "What are you talking about? She is just tired from the long day and I am just comforting her. What is lovey dovey about any of that? Stop reading too much into everything." I said to get him to cut the crap. Meanwhile unknown to me the entire time I was talking Sakura was glaring at him with a death stare.

"Whoa, ok ok. My bad. Obviously everything is clearly plutonic. My mistake." Ichiro quickly apologized.

A few more moments passed in silence and then we saw something streak across the sky on fire and crash in a park a few blocks away from us. "Did you guys just see that? Let's go check it out!" I said to the others.

The two of them nodded and followed my lead as we ran to go check it out. Our curiosity overwhelmed us as we approached the park. Thankfully no one was there this time of evening. Once at the park we noticed the crater where it had landed.

"What is that thing? Ichiro asked.

"It looks like something from one of my sci-fi books,'' Sakura said.

They both stood at the top of the crater. I on the other hand wanted a closer look and began to carefully slide down into the crater. As I approached I got a good look at the object. It was metallic and chrome. A perfect sphere with no visible weld lines on it. The closer I got to it the stronger the feeling I had to touch it. I inched closer and closer as if fixed in a trance as every fiber of my being told me that I had to touch this.

I reached out and touched it which caused it to start opening as a bright white light shown from the orb. Seconds after opening a red light, blue light, and purple light shot out from inside of the orb. Each light hit one of us three knocking us backwards. As I lay there flat on my back I felt my consciousness fading, however I saw three pulses of red light and a line form in the sky before passing out.

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