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She loved him more than her self carry his baby but he never loved anyone so he could not love her back. Not way she needed him to

Microhistoires Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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I'm riding with my home girl lala we were supposed be going out eat my fat ass was 3 months pregnant so you kw I'm always hungry but something told me to call my nigga like my sould told me he was cheating so I call someone pick up and hung up. I keep calling back so I tell lala. Drink by there since my Benz was at her house. We drive by and there two cars there we look at each both hopp out and dat why that my bitch she all the shit I'm knocking hard ass fuck. I kw he got a bitch in there I just feel it I don't kw why .Shawn ass be playing with I'm low key crazzy I take my bobbie pin out and pick that lock. cause. nigga you me fuckup lala ass laughing hard talking bout. I don't kw how you don't got a jail record . I get in tho Shawn. and this dumb bitch looking dumb I slap both so quick he anit have no words he begging me not leave again I'm out shit now I'm starving .

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