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It is a Girl who would find the Boy who is willing to Change for her while she leaves the Boy she loves most of her life

Fiction adolescente Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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How Hard is it really to leave the City you have lived in for almost a decade? Even the school you experienced most of the memorable days and times of your life.

Back to NLU

Today NLU will lose one of the most Promising Students that ever roam the Campus, to the Girl that helped to build the School's Pride and Joy, The Lynx's Basketball Team. to the Girl who created most of the trust Worthy sports Groups in the School...

"It's a Pain to know that she'll be transferring to a school that offers the bare minimum... I don't really agree to this, Wala rin namang choice pero kong pwede lang sanang wag nalang"

"Wala naman na tayong magagawa eh... Ayaw ko rin sanang mag-transfer sya doon eh pero hindi naman tayo pweding magsabi na hindi eh— i just hope they can treat her just how much we do"

"They can't do that... Yong mga taong nasa School nayon is the same with the people outside, Wala silang kwenta—

"Ben? (Napahinto sya) wag naman ganyan sana" Napabuntong hininga nalang si Ben. "Let's just hope that she'll be fine while she's there wag na tayong mag-isip ng mga ganyan bagay, We all know her she can handle her self well"

"What if they mistreat her?" May naging pag-aalinlangan sa mukha nya.

"Then— They'll be wishing they didn't" Naging tahimik silang tatlo pagkatapos ng mga salitang binitiwan nya.

"Is Everyone ready? (Napalingon sila) She's Waiting" Sabi ni Yu-an at tumango nalang sila.

"Okay then" inayus na nila ang tayo nila. "Let's Wish her Luck" Nagumpisa na silang maglakad kaya nauna narin si Yu-an na lumabas.

70-100 most of them didn't agree to her Decision but it was never a choice so even if they don't want it none of them spoke and told her anything about it.

Now— She will be transferring to another school, living in another house and another city with her Mom, Step Dad and Stepbrothers to a lifestyle she was very much aware she wasn't used to... Say Good Luck to our Main Character

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