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Chapter 1

I woke up to hear the blaring of my alarm clock. My face was shoved into my pillow, and my mind was thinking about hitting snooze, when I realized, "Crap, it's the first day of school!"

I jumped out of bed, and turned off my alarm. I put on the outfit I had laid out last night. I went downstairs to see that my dad made his usual back to school pancakes. "Good morning dad," I said as I sat down at the table. "It's your first day of highschool, how do you feel?"

"Hungry." I answered. I practically started to shove pancakes down my throat. I looked over and realized that Amy has been sitting there. I looked at her confused. "When did you get here?" I asked. "Before you," she answered. Amy is my creepy/nice older sister. "Are you ready for your first day of school, little bro?" she asked with a creepy smile on her face. "Yep, but why are you looking at me like that?" Her smile vanished. "It seemed like fun to creep you out on your first day of highschool."

I looked over at my dad, but he wasn't paying attention. "Okay, well that was fun, but I gotta get to a school, so, see you later." I said as I got up and grabbed my bag. "Have a good day, son," I heard my dad yell from behind me. I walked down to the bus stop, when I realized Amy was right behind me.

"What're you doing?" I asked her impatiently. "I go to the same highschool, idiot." She answered even more impatiently. "Oh, right, sorry," I apologized.

When the bus arrived, I looked in all the windows on the side of the bus that was facing me, and then I saw him frantically waving his arms out the window, Reggie.

"I see you bothered to get up this morning," I said, because last year he slept in and missed the first day of school.

"Yeah, yeah, very funny!" He said. "Hey! You two, shut up!" yelled

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