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Introduction of the Vampires

In our culture, difference is not accepted, only responsibility and respect.

We vampires live for a reason and that reason is to carry on our legacy and be in the history books that will eventually die out.

Anyways, we all live in one, well... I guess you could say "City" Where everyone respects eachother, helps eachother, and has the same responsibilities and duties as eachother. We all have special types of equipment that are made to help us survive in almost impossible temperatures and environment even for people unlike us. I am one of the around 10% of all vampires that have actually learned to speak english which is the language of the native humans in our areas that try to barge in and attack to get revenge on the things that we cause and do just so we can raise a responsibility in our lives to continue and carry on.

Our culture haa developed over many years and we have learned how to use and harness the power of other things in our world, the humans world, and many others. We have also researched how to make portals which is how we get to these other dimensions, but that's a story for another time.

In the next few chapters, I will go over how we have survived, what we use to survive, and other topics.

First I will start off with the obvious. Blood Sucking. This is a technique that we have mastered over hundreds of years and is the main thing that helps us to survive. It's basically the only reason we are alive because it helps sustain our energy and enhance our powers, which I will talk about more later. Blood Sucling is something that gives us, "Nutrients" as they would say in the human language. As they consider it and how ive noted it, Basically random things with random number combinations that help people to survive, learn, focus, gain energy, intellectuality, and many other examples

I will go over how we use our "Nutrients" from blood sucking in the next chapter. However, this will be it for now.

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