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After Asher saved his family from his Dad,all went well.. ..Or did it? He still has to learn how to be a human-eating demon,his father isn’t actually dead and can he really save everyone?

Fantaisie Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Chapter One

Deep in the woods,one could find a house,an abandoned,forgotten house.

In that house,Asher and his Mom were talking to each other.Asher’s older sister,Rosalyn,was at school,since she was the only one who was a human and Asher couldn’t go to school anymore because he was in his true demon form.So he was homeschooled.

“You said I have to eat people in order to survive?” Asher asked his Mom.

“Precisely.” She said.

“I don’t know if I’ll feel comfortable doing it..” He trailed off.Asher was nervous about eating humans.It seemed…gross and wrong.

But the seven year old had to,inorder to survive.

“Don’t worry,I’ve already killed someone.She wasn’t a good person in life,so it’s okay.Here isher corpse!” Kelly cheerfully threw her son the corpse.

Asher stared at the bloody corpse.It was disgusting.Even though his Mom was a ghost,she seemed to have done some real damage to the woman.

From what he could tell,it was an older woman,probably seventy-six years old,in jeans and an army jacket.She was bloody,her skin was open and her eyeballs were taken out.

Then,with a twisted and warped smile on his face,he said brightly:

“This is the mean neighbor who always yelled at me and who liked stealing our stuff!”

“Yes.” Kelly said.

Asher’s mouth drooled.It looked delicious.

So,he ate the dead woman.

First,he started on her arms,Second,her legs and after that,he slashed her stomach open,where her blood,organs and bones spilled out and after that,Asher ate her lungs,her stomach,her heart,her brain and other various organs in the body.

Finally,he licked her leftover blood from his claws.

“Wow.She was delicious.” Asher said,stunned that he even ate her in the first place.There was nothing left of her except for some bones and a pile of clothes.

After that,he asked his Mom a question:

“Mom? Why do you look like a white shadow? Is that how all ghosts look?”

Kelly sat down at a chair and said softly:

“No.My death was not peaceful,so I’m reduced to look like a shadow,an outline.If I had a peaceful death,I would look more like a human.” Kelly said.

“Maybe I can save you! Just like how I saved the souls!” Asher yelled.

“NO!” His Mom yelled.

Asher went silent.His Mom just yelled at him.

“I’m sorry for yelling,but no.You’ve already done so much.If you try anything else,you’ll get exhausted and that’s not good.” She said.

“But I want to help!” Asher yelled.

“You can’t.” His Mom whispered.

Asher didn’t believe that.He wanted to help her.

So,he imagined her as a human,before she died.He focused on getting her to a more human form.

He could see her skin,her hair and her clothes gaining color.

Asher concentrated harder.Pretty soon,Kelly noticed and demanded that he’d stop.

But once again,Asher didn’t listen.

Finally,he got Kelly to her human form.She had huge wings,like a guardian angel.

Asher fell,slumped on the floor,exhausted.

Kelly ran over to him..

Characters in Gacha Club:

(There will be ten pictures.The last two will show Kelly as an angel,with bloody woonds from her death.)

Asher (What he used to be):

Asher (True form):

Asher (True form) (Bandage on his eye):

Asher (Semi-human form):

Miss.Leia (Mean old woman):

Kelly (alive):

Kelly (ghost):

Kelly (ghost) (with mouth):

Kelly (angel):

Kelly (angel) (no halo):

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