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A short story about a girl who disappeared while searching a house with her friends.

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It was a lovely spring morning: a slight breeze with trees and bushes rustling against one another. Brittany lived moderately in a quiet neighborhood; she had many friends and always tried to stop arguments at school. Her friend Danielle, who was in the same class as her, was similar. She was smart and could solve many situations, but her downfall was when it came to her own; she never knew how to fix them. Keni was another one of Brittany’s friends. He was aggressive, but he was a fighter. He enjoyed confrontation, and last but not least of this highly diverse friend group was Luke. Luke was just a bit older than the others; he was brilliant and had very random mood swings, yet even though he was smart, he thought everyone else was.

It was spring break week, and most parents were on vacation. Brittany’s parents were one of those families. Brittany, after school, asked her friends if they wanted to go to her house after 3rd period to play Clue master detective; they all agreed they would meet at Brittany’s. Class ends, so they ride on their bikes to Brittany’s house, just a few minutes from the school. They dash inside the house and run to the dining table. Brittany rushes to the closet across the house to grab Clue Master Detective. She runs back to the dining table and tosses it on the table. Keni aggressively grabs the game, takes the board out of the box, and throws it on the table. Each person picks their character. Luke chooses Colonel Mustard, Keni chooses Sergeant Gray, Brittany chooses Madam Rose, and Danielle decides Ms. Peacock.

That night they finished the game relatively early, surprisingly,y and went to bed. The following day was like any other spring break here in this tiny little town: they woke up; Brittany made pancakes and bacon as everyone else was still asleep. One by one, they get out of bed and go to the kitchen. Luke glances over to the house across the street, “where is Mr. Roy?”. All of them glance over to Mr. Roy’s house and notice his car isn’t where he typically parks it; the car is next to the curb rather than in his driveway. None of the kids think much of it; Mr. Roy doesn’t like the children in the town. Even though the kids didn’t know much of it, something wasn’t sitting right with Luke, and he thought something may have happened to Mr. Roy. “Maybe he just left his car there cause he was tired,” said Keni. “No, no, no, shut up!” Luke exclaims. Luke knew Mr. Roy had OCD, so everything was meticulously in its place. They finished their breakfast and wanted to play the game again. Danielle was drinking some milk, then ran right into one of the chairs and spilled her milk all over the game and the table. “Danielle?!” everyone shouts; Luke says, “In the meantime, maybe we should go see if Mr. Roy is okay.” “NO!” shouts Keni, “Yeah, heck no! What if he’s still in there?” questioned Brittany. Luke says, “I’m going to check on him even if all of you don’t want to; Luke dashes out the front door, run across the street, then makes it to the front door of Mr. Roy’s house. He notices the door is slightly open; Luke gently pushes the door open and walks inside. Luke sees a few things that aren’t in their typical place: an array of dishes left on the counter and in the sink, a TV remote on the floor, and Mr. Roy’s dog is out in his backyard. Brittany, Keni, and Danielle rush inside to see Luke standing over Mr. Roy’s corpse.

They gasp in fear that Luke had just murdered Mr. Roy. Luke turns to them and says, “I just found him like this.” Blood is all over the library floor. As they all disburse into different rooms to investigate, Brittany notices a few things but overlooks them. As she walks back to the front of the house, she calls for everyone else; as they gather back to the front of Mr. Roy’s house, Keni is the last to walk out of the door and slams the door shut. Danielle snapped around and told Keni not to slam the door; so nobody could hear. They run across Brittany’s house, but a neighbor notices them running from Mr. Roy’s house as they run. The kids make it back to Brittany’s home and start debating amongst themselves, “should we call the cops?”, “Should we act like nothing happened?” “what do we need to do?”. Danielle, Luke, and Keni talk, and Brittany hear sirens coming toward them. She warns the others, and they rush inside; sitting by the window, they watch as police officers run inside Mr. Roy’s house.

They continue debating amongst themselves about what they should do; they decide to leave it alone and play Clue Master Detective.

Later in the day, Keni hears a knock on the door; Keni gets off the couch, walks to the front door, then opens the door to see two policemen standing before him. “What do y’all want?” asked Keni, “Is there anyone else in the house with you?”, “ Yes.” “ Well, can you go get them?” asked the officer. Keni yells for the others to come to the door. The look on their faces is of confusion, wondering what’s going on. As they gather at the front door, they see the officers; the officers ask if they had seen anything the night before. They all said they didn’t see anything, and when the officers heard that, they informed the children to let them know if they saw anything later. They tell the officers, “Okay.”, “ I told you we should do something!” said Danielle, “No! We can’t say anything because they will think I had something to do with it!” exclaimed Luke.

That night they continue playing the game they started earlier in the afternoon; they finish the game and fall asleep. Keni jolts awake as a car starts and roars down the road. He rushes to the window but does not see anything. He sleeps next to the dining room window, wondering if he will see the car again. Keni wakes up early and realizes he slept the whole night. Keni runs to Luke’s room to tell him what he saw last night; as Keni attempts to shake Luke awake, Luke rolls over, slaps Keni, and says, “ What? What do you want?” Keni says, “ Come here. I need to show you something.” Luke gets out of bed and goes outside with Keni.

As Keni rushes to the front of the driveway, Luke follows. Keni points out tire marks on the road; Luke looks suspiciously at the patterns and asks Keni if he told the girls; Keni says he hasn’t informed Danielle or Brittany yet. You should tell the girls, says Luke. Keni runs back inside and notices the girls are already awake; the girls ask if everything is okay; Keni stutters, Ye- ye- yes, everything is okay.” “Okay, well, go get Luke so we can eat.” Keni walks outside, and Luke meets him at the door; Keni leans to whisper in Luke’s ear and says, “ We need to keep this between ourselves.” Luke agrees, and they go about their day.

Brittany has the idea of going outside and playing for a bit to maybe get their minds off things, so they all agree. They begin kicking a ball at one another; Luke glances at the house next to Mr. Roy’s and notices a window is broken.

He calls for the others to look at the house next to Mr. Roy’s. Nobody lived here; the house was on the market for a few months. The last person who lived in the house was a woman named Jodie. Jodie was somewhat of a mysterious human: not leaving her home very often, a very meticulous woman, making sure everything was in its place, almost too attentive to detail. Like Mr. Roy, Luke was intrigued yet caught off guard by the whole situation. As they walk through the house, Danielle and Brittany hear footsteps above them; they dash up the stairs to investigate. They find a body lying on the floor in a pool of blood: “ What are we going to do?” said Danielle as she turned around, trembling in fear, but when she went to grasp onto Brittany’s arm, Brittany wasn’t there. “ Brittany? Brittany? Brittany?!” “Where are you?”

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