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Space Vampire’s story

Once upon a time,in a planet called:”Smartsmerit”,there was a young space vampire named 8905-The English translation would by Myra,but we’ll just call her 8905 for now.

What is a space vampire,exactly? A space vampire is just like a vampire,only,they attached tubes to people and drink out of the tubes to suck their blood.They don’t use their fangs and as their species progressed,they lost their fangs.They believed that using fangs was “messy.”

But enough of this science lesson.

8905 wasn’t just any space vampire,she was a space vampireleader of the Smartsmerit military.She fought off entire galaxies for the sake of her planet,with soldiers.

There was one planet they had to fight off.Earth.

Earth was already crumbling with the humans and if they didn’t take over Earth before it was destroyed,they wouldn’t be able to expand their territory.

Not that theyneeded to,they already conquered half of the galaxy,but this wasn’t aboutneeds,it was aboutwants.

However,Captain 8905 couldn’t continue with her mission,because of many of her soldiers quitted because of her “acts of violence.”

Without her soldiers,she couldn’t conquer Earth.

She’d have to stop her plans.

This annoyed her to her core.Aliens were too sensitive these days.They needed to toughen up.

She wouldn’t give up,though.She’d plot her plans,making sureeverything was perfect,until the day she died.

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Space Vampire:

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