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Ehriel has always looked after her Beloved. One of Heaven's Guardian Angels, she has been tasked with the guiding and protection of a human boy named Euwe for as long as she can remember. With divine supernatural powers, an ability to control the elements and enact telekinesis and to communicate and persuade humans through thought speak, she thought her role would be simple. Yet, when Euwe, her Beloved's, charm begins to attract the attention of a mysteriously alluring demonic entity--Everything she thought she knew seems to shatter.

Romance Suspense romantique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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~°~ Prologue ~°~


Twin Flame: The Shattered Mirror


There were times when watching him burned her..

Searingly vicious flashes of commiseration for those moments of intimate hurt. Fear, anger, despair, confusion, mistrust, or anything unfair and humiliating.

The times when he felt guilty, along with those sheer slaps of self hatred that made her feel like she was drowning; these were Ehriel's least favorite parts of being a Guardian Angel.

Although, on the Planet Earth, as the sun began to bake the upper right corner of the Northwestern hemisphere with it's life giving light, she shifted her soul back into a semi-corporeal form. There she floated amongst a rainbow marbled nebula filled with tranquil whispers and a ringing of what could be construed as bell chimes, and looked for her Beloved on the surface of the little blue planet.

Sighing with adoration as her thoughts warmed at the thought of him.

Euwe. Currently right now around three years of age. Just three months shy of four.

Born during an ice storm at 1:33 in the morning, his mother had him with terrible screams of pain yet, finally after what had seemed forever to Ehriel, Euwe had come into the world with closed eyes.

There had not been, and to this day there still wasn't, any words to describe the glow of happiness that had seemed to fill her with radiant joy and hope as when her Beloved took his first rallying breaths.

Not so very different, Ehriel realized with a permeating flush of contentment and delight, from how it felt as all her angelic senses honed in on the boy.

She connected intrinsically with every fiber of his soul, body, and mind. His heart, his gut, his very moods which were proned to shift. Oh, but how she loved him!

And, right now, the toddler was safely tucked away in his little copper rail framed bed with it's soft, fuzzy pillows and swaddle of red, forest green, red, and turquoise blue afghans and patchwork floral quilts. He lay on his tummy, his black feathered head turned to the side, dewy and dark lashes fluttering sporadically as he dreamed. Snoring so softly and lightly it was as pure as a whistle to her ears.

Rematerializing into the far corner of her Beloved's bedroom, Ehriel shifted into invisibility and insubstantiality. Now, safe from human sight and touch, she crept forwards and, even knowing he couldn't physically hear her, she tip toed over to kneel beside his bed.

//Good morning Euwe// She thought-spoke to him, casting with her message the sweetest smells of lemon and freshly cut grass along to the murmured tune of slowly trickling clear water. She felt him bud into awareness of her presence more keenly in his sleeping hours than when he was awake.

She hoped that might change as he got older. That, over time and the gentle intercession of her own guiding light as well as divine protection, Euwe would grow to develop spiritual beliefs which at least reflected the possibility of her.

For now though, she was happy merely to be this close to him. Always. And forever.

That's what being Twin Flames was supposed to mean.

Even if one of them wasn't a human being, and the other one was–Twin Flames were the purest form of love and connection in all the universe, even unto the farthest reaches of Heaven and Hell.

All of a sudden, Euwe's little honey colored nose twitched slightly as he slept.

At first, Ehriel thought it might only be a sneeze, but then she noticed a subtle discomforted whimper that slipped through the young child's slack pink lips. He frowned slightly and kicked one blue pajama clad footie under the sheets.

What was it? Ehriel quickly stilled and looked about the dim room cautiously, A bad dream?

Maybe she should shift fully back into incorporeal form, the better to touch the pulse of her Beloved's perception. But, just as she was about to make up her mind, she heard a scittering in the darkest corner of the bedroom. Just behind her.

Still invisible and insubstantial, yet possessing a semi-corporeal form, Ehriel whirled about. Her long red hair flying.

There! On the far side of the room! Just inside the partially open wooden door of the closet, with it's round barn shed brass doorknob–A demon!

She could smell it. A seeping, salty and metallic smell that was imbued with the putrid scent of rotting fruit, the sour tang of bones withered to dust, as well as something sulphurous and vile.

But, this had never happened to them before! She had to do something.

A chill wind whisked against the frosted surface of the little wooden house's upper rear bedroom window, rattling a tap-a-tat-tat against the glass with the reaching grasp of a leafless tree branch. The old black ash tree groaned and rocked slightly in the battering wind, it's creaking bark flaking as it was whipped and tossed back and forth.

Ehriel's eyes narrowed. But, a sudden and just as unexpected lash of cold and sharp sounding rain lashed flippantly against the sides and roof of the rustic house. Lightning smacked across the tumbling spill of riotous dark purple bellied clouds scuffed across the horizon in every direction.

The Guardian Angel jumped and let out a silent gasp when a ransacking crash of thunder boomed like a pang of agony through the clogged and wickedly churning sky. Holy Moses!

This wasn't some ordinary subservient and low intentioned demon from a vapid and aimless rank of degenerates. No. Judging from the level of elemental power that was on display right now, along with the sheer complexity of the demon's almost overpowering smell, pointed to the fact that this was a much more powerful entity.

She quickly jumped in the air and hovered over the restlessly sleeping form of the little boy in the bed when she heard the distinct rumble of low, masculine, and jaggedly breathless laughter coming from behind the closet door.

//Ah, if it isn't little Ehriel and her loathsome charge// Her blue eyes widened impossibly when she clearly heard the demon on the other side of the door address her silently.

The message was accompanied by a riveting and somehow debasing little thrill of guilty desire that sparked and then trbled through her at the sound of the enigmatic lilt of the demon's sultry purr. An essence of crushed rose petals, their fragrant plump and raggedly red blooms singed by fire and left to smolder in the rain.

Ehriel gasped. Completely unprepared for this sort of encounter. She hadn't… How odd that she hadn't expected to be able to love him. The evil demon who now appeared before her in his own cloak of invisibility and glamour of insubstantiality.

White miniature fangs gleamed from between full and almost colorlessly pink lips and beneath a straight, aristocratic nose and haughty, heavy lidded golden hazel and blue flecked eyes with dark brown bands around the irises. Dark, flashing brows pinched a high and fecklessly white forehead besotted by two dark grey little horns that poked out of the tufty flop of almost shoulder length long black hair at the demon's temples.

He wore a dark, flowing and high collared black wool cape with long, leaf strewn tassles. It's hide patched and fraying with aesthetic rips and tears that clearly came from a long and extended use. Black trousers. And something like silver buckled cowboy boots with the constantly shifting pattern of snack skin rippling across the worn leather with what could only be a black magic spell.

Demons had to use knowledge and lore to rivet the belief in themselves necessary to adopt such intricate and exquisitely fine appearances. Spells. Hexes. Jinxing. Scrying. And, of course, other, less spoken of methods of witch craft and sorcery.

Why? Ehriel's red hair floated about her like she were underwater, and she tilted her head in slight confusion. What?

Why all the pomp and effort put forth to appear so beautiful and mysterious to her? Was the demon trying to impress her or something?

//You ignore me?// The demon stepped forward, his semi-corporeal slipping slanted and leaning into the soft grey light that struggled through the window.

Ehriel swallowed. He was even more fine looking and appallingly attractive up close. His mosaic orbs fastened defiantly on her own aqua ones. He frowned a little then.

Crossed his long, slender yet toned arms. Which, she couldn't help but notice were both bound about the wrists by what appeared to be old, rusty manacles that were tied together by a short, flaking and black iron chain.

This aspect of his appearance puzzled her, as she knew that, for all demon's that any angel had ever heard of, they all chose exactly how they would look to anyone they chose to appear before.

So, why was this demon wearing chains that bound him? And, the clash of his modern looking, finely polished appearance was so different from the old, tormentuously uncared for and brutal look of the cuffs. Ehriel frowned.

She squinted her blonde lashed eyes, her liquid vision flickering over him. And, he almost seemed to tremble when her eyes caught on the strange and mysterious green and purple bruising that encircled each of his slender wrists.

The demon dipped his head to the side a little, rubbed the back of his neck, the movement dragging his connected other hand up and uselessly caught up against his clocked chest. And, he seemed to blush. Coughed slightly.

The demon slipped both his hands under his armpits, effectively hiding the manacles back behind his frayed and black cloak.

His brow twitched. He stared at her. Aghast.

//Wait, you… You don't remember me? Ehriel?//

A deep tingle of some strange feeling passed over her. There flickered the shadowy impression of something richly purple and soft. A golden, bejeweled cup filled with the sticky dripping of overflowing dark scarlet liquid. Blood!

A wave of dizziness washed over Ehriel and, not thinking, she sunk down to the mattress. Crouching over her precious Euwe. As if trying to block him from the demon's coldly penetrating glare.

//Who are you? What do you want?// She demanded, trying to sound removed and not as frightened or intrigued as she really was.

The demon's multicolored eyes flickered. Something like hurt and unease flashed through his now pallid face. He bit his lip. Scanned her own stiff face with an almost desperate hunger.

//But, Ehriel…// He whispered, //You don't recognize me?//

//It's me.// He thought-spoke, suddenly slumping in the broad expense of his shoulders tangibly, //It is I, Harlough…//

//Your Divine Mate.//


Chapter One


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