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Lorelei Winston is just a regular teen living in Moon’s Beach,a town that is said to hold a siren named Israfel who is hungry for teen girls. What if Israfel were real? And what if Israfel and Lorelei fell in love?

Fantaisie Épique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Part One

Once upon a time,in a beach town called "Moon's beach",there was a sixteen year old teenage girl named Lorelei,who was always bored and wanted to explore more.

Even though it was night and Lorelei was supposed to be sleeping,she was too busy thinking about the legend that the older people talked about.

The legend of Israfel.

It was said that Israfel was a sixteen year old boy,who lived during the olden days.He lived in Moon's Beach,and had a girlfriend named Isadora. They were a lovely couple. But,one day Isadora found him hanging out with his family,and not her. She grew jealous of all the attention they were getting and insisted that he only pay attention to her.

He tried explaining to her that he loved her,but needed to be with his family as well.

She wouldn't listen.

Every night she watched him and his family go swimming in the water together,and while they laughed as they swam,she grew angrier and angrier. She grew so rageful that she seeked help from the old lady who had magic powers.

"Please give me some of your powers." Isadora pleaded.

"I'll only give you some of your powers if you use them for good." The old lady said with a steely look in her eyes.

"I promise I'll use them for good!" The girl pleaded.

The lady looked at her skeptically for what seemed like forever,then gave her some of her powers.

Isadora wasn't going to use them for good. She was going to do the exact opposite of good.

The next day,Israfel went on a date with his girlfriend,on the huge rock in the middle of the ocean,so they had a nice view of the water.

"You seem to like the water so much." Isadora drawled,an evil look on her eyes.

Israfel didn't notice."Yes,but not as much as I love you. I'm sorry we didn't get to spend a lot of time together. I hope I can make it up to you."

Isadora didn't care.

"How would you like living in the water for the rest of your days?" She asked.

"Wait,What?" But before he could do anything,she blasted him with magic. His legs molded together in such a crude way that it looked like they were being thrashed around by some monster. His body only stayed normal at the top,and fishy at the bottom. He looked at his own hands,which were webbed,like a fish.

Or a siren...

He touched his neck and found gills.

"Did you turn me into..."He asked, shaking.

"Yes! I turned you into a SIREN! Now you'll be in the water FOREVER!" She laughed evilly.

"I never should have fallen for you." He said. Then he leaped at her,ready to end her,but she was gone.

He screamed.He screamed so loud it sounded like a dying demon.

Ever since then,he stayed by the rock,luring teenage girls to their doom,where they drowned in the ocean and were devoured by the boy. They were lured in by his beautiful singing voice,and his seductive looks.

Lorelei thought that moving in this town would be anything but boring.But everyone except the elders insisted that it was just a legend, and nothing more.

She was tired of sitting around and doing nothing,so she headed out to the backyard beach,tying her blonde hair into a ponytail,wanting to see if a teenage girl would be lured in by Israfel's singing.

Lorelei waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

"Ugh,can something HAPPEN already?!" She screamed.

Just when she was about to leave,she heard a beautiful voice.It was celestial and seductive.

She put on her earplugs before the singing took effect.

One girl was not so lucky.

She had long,dark hair and green eyes.Her skin sparkled like the sun.

She was beautiful.

But smart enough to wear earplugs?


She walked into the ocean with a weird look on her face. She was smiling,but somehow the smile looked wrong,like some twisted doll. She swam into the ocean towards the voice.

Nothing happened.

Lorelei took off her earplugs.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" The other girl screamed from the distance,followed by a sickening ripping sound,like her flesh was being ripped.

Lorelei ran for her life,afraid of her new discovery.

Israfel is real.She thought,panicking.

He's real!

He's REALLY real!

"Yes,I AM real." said a voice behind her.

Lorelei turned around.

A beautiful yet supernatural boy looked at her. He had pale skin that glimmered fish-like in the moon. He had pale blue snake eyes,and markings on his body.He had silvery hair and was fit.His fingernails were long.

Lorelei didn't realize he'd be this handsome.

"My name is Israfel,and I AM real!" The boy yelled.

"Umm...why are you talking to me?" Lorelei asked,uncertain whether to trust this siren.

"I'm talking to you,Isadora,because you seem to taunt me in my dreams. You're always there,laughing at me. Watching me feast other girls.Well,guess what? I smelled you from all the way back there-" He pointed to the rock.

"Anddd now I'm going to kill you." Just as he was about to drown her in the ocean,Lorelei screamed:

"I'm NOT Isadora!"

"Liar! You look just like her! Your gorgeous blonde tresses,your chocolate brown eyes. Your glimmering skin.You ARE Isadora!" He yelled.

Then he listened to the sound of her breathing,looked at the fear in her eyes.

And let go.

"You're not Isadora."He said quietly.

"No,I'm not." said Lorelei,still shaking from the event.

"But that's not my concern. If I may inquire,in the legend Isadora was ruthless-"

"Don't say her name." He growled,a steely look in his eyes.

"Okay,she was ruthless and turned you into a siren. But why didn't you try to become human? Why did you give up and start acting like the siren you are? Why?" She asked.

Israfel just looked at her,not answering,finally,he said something.

"I did try to chase her. Whenever she went somewhere new,I would either swim after her,or get out of the water and use my legs-"

"Wait,you have legs?"

"Only if I get out of the water. But she was everywhere and I couldn't chase her all my life. But I did.and then she died.She was the only one who could save me and she DIED! I HAD to live in that rock! As for living amongst humans, I have a time limit for breathing like a human,and walking like one. So,THAT'S why I am who I am."

"But why kill?" Lorelei asked again.

"Unfortunately,I am a siren and the only thing that will satisfy me is human flesh. I only have the ability to lure in human teenage girls,nothing more."

"Then how do you have abs?"

"Because unlike humans,no matter what I eat or how I eat,I look the same."

They stared at each other,lost in their own eyes. Lorelei REALLY liked him,and not just for his looks. For how he talked to her,and how he realized she wasn't Isadora just by listening to her.

"If you're REALLY a siren,then you have to prove it." She insisted.

"Oh,you want me to prove it? I'll show you my tail."And with that,he showed her the glimmering blue tail on his body.

"Go on,touch it." He said with a wicked grin.

"You want me to TOUCH it?!?!" Lorelei looked surprised,ifnot scandalized.

"Don't be afraid.Touch my tail."

So Lorelei touched his tail. She felt the scales, and enjoyed how they folded in her hands. But that wasn't what was making her happy.

It was that he was letting her touch him.

So they sat.

And talked.

Lorelei didn't know it,but it was morning,and her Mom was looking for her.

She reluctantly ran inside.

"You were outside all night?" asked Mom,worried.

"Yes,but I'm not tired."Just after Lorelei said that,she felt tired.

"You're lucky it's not the first day of school,or else you would be late!Eat breakfast,and then lie down."

"But I'm fine!"

"Lorelei Parthenope Winston! You will listen to your Mother!"

"Ugh,fine." Lorelei silently fumed.

"You'll thank me later." Mom said as she made breakfast.

Lorelei ate her breakfast.After that,she ran to her room,where she lay in her bed.

I don't want to sleep..

But soon after,she fell asleep.

Lorelei was walking down a long,winding path. It was dark,and strange white hands were clawing through the earth. She heard voices whisper,but could not figure out where the voices were coming from.

Lorelei had to run.She had to get out of this demonic place.She ran left and right,but it was all a dead end.

Suddenly,she saw Israfel.He was screaming her name,over and over again,like he wanted her.

Like he was afraid for her.

"LORELEI! LORELEI! DON'T DIE,LORELEI! DON'T LET HER GET YOU!" He sounded so sad that it made her cry.

She was still crying as she ran over to him.

But all she saw was a skeleton.

Israfel was dead.

I have you now..A creepy woman's voice drawled.

Lorelei screamed.

Then she woke up with a jolt to the sound of boats honking.

Lorelei walked downstairs and out to the beach,where the boats were honking.

"Look! I gots me a BIG fish!" screamed one fisherman.

"No,let me pull it up!" And with that,another fisherman pulled up the rope to bring the fish to shore.

But it wasn't a fish.

It was Israfel.

"Ahhh!! What's this we got here?" They screamed.They dropped Israfel in surprise.

Unfortunately,Israfel was still caught in the fish net.So he was bobbing in the ocean,screaming:"GET ME OUT OF THIS STUPID FISH NET!"


Lorelei screamed in horror.She watched as he washed ashore,where he writhed underneath the net.

His glimmering blue tail was morphing into legs..

Lorelei carried him to the tall grass,where he wouldn't be seen by the public.

A few minutes later,Lorelei came back to Israfel,giving him a pile of clothes she found in her Dad's closet.

Just as he finally emerged from the grass,a purple haze appeared.But it wasn't a beautiful purple that looks best as nail polish and lipstick.

No,this was an ugly,bruise colored purple. It had white streaks in it,like pus that comes out of a scrap.The haze had a smell,too. It smelled like dead rhinoceros,horse manure,and perfume.

The thing that stepped out of the ugly haze was a young,blonde haired girl who looked very much like Lorelei,but she had no emotion in her eyes.

It was Isadora.

"Well,well. What do we have here? A stupid boy and an equally stupid girl. My,my what a day!" She cackled,an insane look in her eyes.

"What are you doing here?!? You're supposed to be dead!" Israfel screamed at her.

"What am I doing here,you ask? I'm here to kill you and everyone in this town." Isadora answered while applying lip gloss.

"You could have destroyed this town any time.Why now?"

"I decide to destroy this town now because I didn't have the proper ingredients to destroy it. I faked my death, and went to get the proper ingredients. See, I need a special spell to destroy this miserable town. Now that I have everything I need,I can destroy this town!Oh,and Israfel,I'll NEVER make you human. But you're banned from going in the water. SO ENJOY YOUR DEATH ON LAND!Ugh,that sounded so much cooler in my head." Isadora sighed.

And with that,the horrible girl disappeared.

"So wait,let me get this straight.That girl over there was Isadora. She plans to destroy this town. She banned you from coming in the water. What does banning someone from coming in the water even mean?" Lorelei asked,desperate for answers.

"Well,banning someone from coming in the water means that I can't come in the water. See,She's a witch. She must have put a barrier spell on the water to keep me from going in it. Here,I'll show you." He tried to jump in the water,but some invisible force stopped him.

"I'm still siren,so I have 24 hours on land to survive. After that,If I don't get in the water soon,I'll die." He said,looking distraught and frustrated.

"You'll just..die.." Lorelei shuddered. She didn't want him to die. Not now,when she was just beginning to know and like him! "No..." she stammered.

"But enough of this talk! Let's save the town!" And with that Israfel walked on.

"Yeah,let's." Lorelei mumbled.Shedidwant to save this lovely town and everyone in it from getting destroyed.

Yes,but she also wanted him to be safe as well.

The two kids ran for what seemed like miles in the small seaside town.Isadora was waiting for them,an evil grin on her face.

"How do we defeat her?!?! She is an all powerful witch!" Lorelei yelled.

"We drown her in the water. I may not be able to go in,but maybe she can." said Israfel.

So they fought and they fought and they fought. But alas,Isadora was stronger. She could become pure darkness and evaporate at their touch. She could trick them with illusions,making them think,for the briefest second,that they had her.


She had turned into darkness and was engulfing him in it.So much that he couldn't breathe.

"I...I..." He trailed off.


He did look at her.He looked at her for an extremely long time,watching her fear and sadness. She was scared for him.Lorelei didn't want him to die.

Suddenly,he jumped out of the darkness and strangled her. Lorelei joined in. They grabbed her and pulled her. Lorelei dragged Isadora in the water,where she drowned,due to her lack of swimming.

"Did me?" He asked,nervous for her answer.

"You can't fall in love with someone you just met,but I'dsay we're getting there." Lorelei answered.

"Good enough for me." And then he kissed her.

Lorelei was surprised by the kiss,she didn't understand.

Did he REALLY love me?She thought,deep in her head.

But that is another answer for another time.

Israfel jumped in the water,leaving Lorelei alone on the beach.

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