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"I'll never leave your side, I promise." * After being sold to the mafia king Xavier Esposito, Sophia's life changes. Rumours of the great Xavier always crawled in the corners of the city, she knows what kind of a person he was. Yet, he was warm, somewhere deep within.

Romance Érotique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans. © ©shree

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Blue and red lights lit up our whole dark area. The sirens rang continuously as a few men with uniforms rushed in and pulled him away from the chair, dropping all the beer bottles on the floor, breaking each one of them apart. He tried to break away, kicking the air, but that was of no use. Loud screams, sirens, lights and footsteps were all we could hear. Feeling tiny hands in my shoulder, I looked back to see her, gasping and crying. I took her in my arms and sat on the wet floor, trying to comfort her.

We sat there, horrified and too scared to move. He was getting taken away. My five year old sister hugged me as tightly as possible, curled up on my lap and hid her face, snuggling.

Our father was getting taken away. They tied up his hands, pushed him into the big car and took him away. The lights and sound of siren faded away. It was all dark again. The crowd in front of our hut disappeared and everything was quiet again.

My sister's muffled cries had stopped, too. She sniffled and pulled away. "Xavier... Where did daddy go?" She asked me with a cracked voice.

"I don't know..." I replied, holding her small and warm hands.

"Will he come back?" She asked again.

I smiled softly at her, "Of course he will. Let me light up a candle."

I stood up and walked into the darkness, as Iris held the hem of my torn shirt and followed. Our mother left us a year ago, Iris was four, and I was ten years old. After she left, our hut always had the smell of alcohol and ciggerates. My father loved her a lot, I figured that to be the reason why he turned out like that.

As I walked, I felt something piercing into my foot. The glass. I pushed Iris away as I fell and hurt my hands, shoulders and both of my feet. Iris started crying. I jumped up, wincing, and looked for a candle as soon as possible, I can't let Iris get hurt. After I lit it up, I saw Iris sitting on the floor, her hands on her eyes.

"Iris, are you hurt?" I asked, sitting in front of her with the candle. She looked at me with her big blue eyes, gulped and pointed at her own elbow. Hurriedly, I took a look at that. I saw a little scratch on her elbow, and a soft tinge of red surrounding the scratch. "Does it hurt a lot?"

She sniffled and nodded her head, started crying again. I search for something, anything to ease her pain. I looked all over the hut, nothing. What did dad do at these times? I remembered.

Walking up to her, I sat even though the pieces of glass on my foot got deeper into my skin. My hands were bleeding too. One by one, I took out all the glass pieces as Iris cried, and cried. Wiping the blood away with the help of my shirt, I lifted my face up with a smile. I took her elbow, planted a little kiss on the scratch and have her a gentle massage. "Did it go away?" I asked her, making sure to keep smiling.

Her face lit up as she giggled. She got up, spread her hands apart, walked unsteadily to hug me. She little hands wrapped around my neck and she said, "It went away!" I hugged her back making sure, not to hurt her with all the glass pieces on my hands. "Thank you, Xavier!" She laughed.

I felt tears rolling down my eyes, I didn't know why it happened, but I cried as soon as she hugged me. It hurt deep inside.

Iris wiped my tears. "Issok, Xavier." She said with sleepy eyes. "Don' cry..." She sat, and kept on wiping my tears as I cried.

Pull yourself together.

I took a deep breath and held back my tears, for Iris. "You should go to bed, Iris."

"But I'm hungwy.." She complained with a pout.

I got up as I remembered that I had seen something in the corner of the hut. I searched for it as Iris sat patiently, looking at me moving from one corner to another. Finally, I found it. A cookie lying on a cloth. I picked it up, went towards the other corner and poured a little left over milk from a bowl.

Iris ate the cookie and drank that little amount of milk heartily with a smiling face. After she lied down to sleep, I covered her with one of my father's shirt. "I'll get you something nice to eat tomorrow, I promise." I told her as he fell asleep.


Next Day

The morning was cold, I found my sister curled up and shivering a lot. I got up and collected every last piece of clothing from the house and covered her up. She stopped shivering. I heaved a sigh of relief. I sniffled and sneezed, feeling cold myself. I promised to Iris that I would bring something good for her yesterday night.

But where would I bring her food from? I had no money, nothing. My dad used to give me allowance when my mom was around. I figured it to be a good idea to ask for some food or money from the neighbours. I happily ran outside, and knocked on the neighbour's door. A tall man opened and looked at me angrily. "What do you want, brat?"

Nervously, I looked at him. "I.. was wondering if you could... give us some food... or money..."

"What?" He snickered. "You want food?" He laughed mockingly. "Listen up! This shitty brat wants food." He continued to laugh. "Didn't your father get arrested last night?" He chuckled as I heard laughter from inside as well.

"We don't have anything to give you, so piss off." He shut the door with a grunt.

I ran to the house next to it. "I was wondering if you could give us something to eat..." They chased me away.

I wandered around from one house to another with the hope to find something to make my sister happy. But I got nothing, everyone shut the door, or cursed me, or pushed me away.

I returned home with nothing to give to her.

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