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Sixteen year old Helena Ross is one of those spoiled teens who have a perfect life. She has loving parents, trustworthy friends (or so she thinks), and a good boyfriend. Then comes Kade, the guy that has been watching her every move. The guy that promises he'll have her. The guy that would destroy the whole fucking earth to keep her safe. But he lurks behind the shadows, just watching. When will he come out? ⚠️ This story has rape, murder, and suicidal Actions. Read at your own risk!!⚠️

Thriller/Mystère Interdit aux moins de 18 ans. © Don’t copy my story!

#mystery #betrayal #murder #obsessed #raped #party #watched #biker
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*Warning; Rape*

"Come on Helena, it'll be fun." My bestfriend Eamily says while standing outside her car trying to drag me out the passengers seat. "No, i dont want to go." I pout back.

"Its just one party and I promise I'll be by your side the whole night." "Thats what you said last time!" I shout. "Ok, I may have said that but this time I actually mean it." "You also said that last time." I say sarcastically.

"Come on Helena, I dont ask you to do much, just go inside this one party with me, i mean, we're already at the house might as well make our time worth it and have some fun." She says trying to convince me.

"Alright fine. But you have to pinky promise me that you wont leave me alone with drunken people that I dont know so you can go hook up with some random boy." I say crossing my arms over my chest.

"I promise." She says while holding out her pinky. I interlock my pinky with hers and she smiles at me. "Come on, lets go." She says while nodding her head towards the direction of the house. I step out of the car and close the door behind me.

Me and Eamily start walking up to the house and I can already smell the strong scent of alcohol and I feel like the loud booming music might blow my ears off. "Can this music get any louder?" I mumble. "Wait until we get in the house, this is nothing." Eamily tells me with that pretty smile on her face.

"Great." I state sarcastically. When we're at the front door Eamily pushes the door open and we both walk inside. Me and Eamily struggle our way through the crowd of people until we get in the kitchen where it's not as crowded.

"Im going to go to the bathroom. Wait here." Eamily shouts at me over the music. "You dont want me to come with you?" "No, I'll be fine." "Alright." "Bye." She says while kissing me on the cheek. Dont even get the wrong idea we're best friends nothing more. We always do shit like that.

After twenty minutes pass and she's still not back I decide to go look for her. While I'm pushing through the crowd of people I see Nate, Eamily's ex. He's standing in a corner talking to some of his friends. He's a big jock in our school and mostly plays all of the sports. He's also one of Liam's good friends. Liam is my boyfriend, but he didn't come to the party.

I start walking over to Nate to see if he knows where Eamily might be. Once he see's me in front of him he stops his conversation with his friends and turns all of his attention to me. "Hey baby girl, I haven't seen you in quiet some time." He says with a smirk on his face. I got very uncomfortable with him calling me "baby girl", he's never called me names like that before. He must be drunk.

"Umm, hi have you seen Eamily around?" I ask miserably needing an answer. "Not really but I think I saw her upstairs going in a room with some boy." "I could show you which room they went in if you wanted?" "That'd be great." I tell him giving him a small smile.

I would be lying if I said that something about him didn't seem off but I just ignored that feeling and walked upstairs with him. His friends that he was talking to stayed behind.

I followed closely behind him until we stopped infont of a white door. "Ladies first." He said gesturing towards the door. I placed my hand on the door handle then twisted it and the door flew open. The thing that threw me off was the fact that there was no one in the room.

Then, out of nowhere I was pushed into the room where I landed on the floor. I heard the lock click and I quickly got up to my feet. Just as I was about to turn around I felt some cold metal on my throat. I instantly knew it was a knife.

"Please dont hurt me." I whispered, my eyes watering."I wont hurt you if you do everything I say." Wait a minute! I've heard that voice before. Nate? "I'm going to release the knife from your throat but if you know any better you wouldn't do anything stupid. Once I do that I want you to take your clothes off."

"No." I say, attempting to shake my head but the knife stops me. He takes the knife away from my throat and I just stand there emotionless. "Take your fucking clothes off!" He yells which makes me jump a little but I obey. I start by taking off my jeans and following comes my shirt, bra, and panties.

Once I'm completely naked I'm pushed onto the bed where I land on my stomach. He turns me over so I'm now on my back and I just lay there, frozen. In my mind I already know what's going to happen, he's going to take my most precious belonging, my virginity.

He starts unbuckling his pants and he free's his cock. He leans foward and with his left hand he holds the knife up to my throat, and with his right he lines his cock up with my entrance. He looks at me with that sick smirk on his face then he enters me.

I scream out in pain at the top of my lungs when he does but no one could hear me over the music. He grunts, while he continues thrusting in and out of me. After about 30 seconds I stop screaming and just decide to let it happen. He releases himself in me and just leaves me there, lifeless, on the bed.

Many people may say that I should have fought back but when your in that situation it's completely different.

You feel weak.

Powerless. And worst of all...


* This is not based on true events.*

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