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His name is Lucifer.He may just be a regular human,but he sure acts like the devil.From throwing cigarettes at babies to screaming at old women,he sure is one disappointment of humanity. His girlfriend,Auriella,doesn’t want to deal with any of that. What happens when he is cursed to be his greatest fear..a woman? He’ll be through this and many more wacky adventures to find his true self!

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Part One

It all started when a terrible man named Lucifer yelled at his girlfriend,Auriella, in the park.







"IT'S OVER,LUCIFER! WE'RE DONE!" She stormed off.

"GOOD! I NEVER LOVED YOU ANYWAY!" But his words were lost as she drove away.

Just then he saw a strange lady. She had long,purple hair,and green snake eyes. She beckoned him with one long finger.

"What do you want?" He asked.

"I'm here to give you what you want,not what I want."said the creepy lady.

"You keep losing people you love. Your friends,your girlfriend. Or should I say ex-girlfriend? That's because you're a jerk."


"You're the one who walked up to me. You didn't have to walk up to me. Yet you did. So don't yell at me." She pointed out.

"The only way to get what you want is to become your greatest fear." She said.

"Oh no...." He trailed off.

His greatest fear was becoming a woman. He never could deal with the stuff women went through. He liked being himself and didn't want that to change.

"You're not going to-" He was cut off.

"Oh yes I am! You will become your normal self when you realize the error of your ways!" She shrieked.

"But that could take a long time!" Lucifer whined.

"You brought this upon yourself! Prepare to change!" She checked to make sure no one was around. It was all clear. She waved her hands around and zapped him.

"AHHHHH!" He screamed.

Except it wasn't his voice.

It was the voice of a scared woman.

He quickly grabbed his cell phone and hit the camera app.He looked at his reflection through the screen.He was a very attractive man. But,now he was an extremely beautiful woman. That still didn't change the fact that he was cursed.

"Now what?" He asked in disbelief.

You will become your normal self when you realize the error of your ways.He memorized the words.

When do I realize the error of my ways? What did I do wrong?He asked himself.

But then he remembered. Throwing cigarettes at babies and screaming at the old lady because she was slow.Making other people feel small so he could feel big.

Wow,I did a LOT of bad things.

Then something strange happened. He began to feel sorry for the people he hurt. As he was walking home,he realized that he messed up pretty bad. When he finally reached his room,he lay in his bed,thinking about the people he hurt. It was overwhelming.

He cried himself to sleep.

When he woke up,he forgot he was a woman and that his girlfriend broke up with him until he looked at the mirror. Then he remembered everything. The fight,the witch. Everything.

Why am I like this?

He knew the answer,but refused to acknowledge it.

I've GOT to make it up to my friends and my ex-girlfriend.But how? They won't know I'm me.Even if they did,they wouldn't listen.So what do I do?

It was simple.First he walked up to the old lady that he yelled at all the time for being slow and said hello. He even helped out when she took out the garbage."You're so much nicer than that man. Here,have this." She said.

It was a $100 dollar bill."Wait,you're giving this to me?" He asked.

"You deserve it." She told him.

Then,she staggered into her apartment,leaving him stunned,holding the dollar bill.

Wow.This is nice.

After that,he headed to the coffee house,where his friends were waiting. He hoped everything would turn out well.

That's when the news turned on.

"The four adults William,

Auriella,Sally, and Robert have been kidnapped by the infamous kidnappers,The Destroyers. People are still waiting for more news to come." The News Reporter informed.

My friends and girlfriend have been kidnapped!

Lucifer jumped off the bar stool and ran to the crime scene. They were,most definitely,kidnapped. He followed the clues and eventually found the location. He ran over and found them tied up over a vat of poison.

He had to save them before they got hurt.

"Well,Well. What do we have here? A silly girl who thinks she can stop us." hissed The Kidnappers.They were terrifying ladies with hatred in their eyes and daggers in their hands.Did he look like that all his life before the witch came? There was no time for thoughts. Only to save the people he loved,even though they didn't know it was him saving them.

It was a good thing he took fighting classes,because if he hadn't,he wouldn't be able to fight them.

They fought and punched and speared their daggers.

The fight seemed to last an eternity.

He kicked the ladies,climbed the ladder to the vat and grabbed his friends and girlfriend.

"Who are you? Why did you save us?" They asked.

"I just wanted to do the right thing." He answered.

Then they ran to the police station to report the kidnappers.

After they reported the kidnappers,Lucifer went to his house.He was glad to save the day and suddenly,being a woman wasn't a worry. The only thing that worried him now was if his friends were in danger.

"You did well." The purple haired lady from the park said.

Then she turned him back into a man.

But he was different inside.

It was many months after he had saved his friends and ex-girlfriend from danger. He had shown the world he could be a better person. He had his friends back,but would he get his girlfriend back?

He called Auriella's phone number.

She came over."What do you want?" She asked.

"Can we get back together?" He asked.

"Oh,so now you want to get back together? After everything?" She asked angrily.

"I promise I'll be better." He said.

"You want me back? Go to the psychologist. Then you'll get me back." She said.

So he went off to the psychologist.

The psychologist actually helped him.He talked about his feelings and it helped him to grow. He was thankful for the help.

As for him and his girlfriend,they were getting back together. It just took some time. But,he knew it would happen.

He was walking on air.

For now this is the end of the story.Lucifer learned to help others other than himself and now he lives a successful life.His girlfriend is now his wife and they might have kids.

Might notdefinitely.

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