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The town of Richardson:A decrepit lost town,said to hold the ghosts of those who performed at “The Ladouceur family circus” and were murdered by ringmaster Lucas Ladouceur.Barely anyone lives there.People only come to search for the ghosts. When thirteen year old Avita Charlotte and her family move to this town,she finds that it’s more than a depressing town and ghost stories. Much more..

Paranormal Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Chapter One

There was once a thirteen year old girl named Avita Charlotte.She had a normal,teenage life.(as far as normal,teenage lives go.) She went to school,had friends,lost friends,joined clubs,you know,that kind of stuff.

That all changed when her mother,a famous and well known author,made it big in the publishing industry.So,to celebrate,they packed their bags and drove to..

“The town of Richardson.Wow,what a dump.” Avita said.They were sitting in the car,already there.This was the place her Mom always wanted to go to.

Avita,for the life of her,couldn’t understand why.The buildings were old and run-down,giving it the feeling the of death.The fog clouded the atmosphere,it was thick enough to cut with a glass shard.There were no people in sight.

It unnerved her.All of it.This place gave off a feeling of…death.

“It’s not a dump.It’s beautiful.” Her Mother said dreamily.Her father said nothing.He only nodded,agreeing with her.

Her little sister,Cassie,was playing video games on her tablet.Avita sighed.At least she had the blessing of having a distraction on her hands.At she least she could be oblivious to this odd town.

They finally arrived in front of an old mansion that looked it would fall down any moment.

A young woman dressed like she was attending a funeral greeted them.

Avita frowned.Why was she wearing such…dismal clothing?

The woman smiled,showing off all of her sharp,white teeth.

“Welcome to the Town of Richardson.I’m Annabelle-Lee Richardson,your tour guide.Come,follow me.” She said.

With no choice left,The Charlottes followed her.

Chapter Two-The ghost story

The inside of the mansion was run-down,too.Avita wondered what would happen if it suddenly collapsed on them.

“Why is this place so…creaky and creepy?” Avita asked Annabelle-Lee.

Annabelle-Lee only smiled.

“It’s only creaky and creepy,because this isn’t the original oak boards that made this place.The original boards got burned up and they got new ones that were cheaper,but could still stay up.” Annabelle-Lee said.

“Who are those two girls?” Cassie asked,pointing at two pictures on a desk.

They were dusty and old,but there one could still see a family of four on it.

There was a man and a woman who must have been the parents and there were two little girls.They both had brown hair and black eyes,but one had shorter hair and wore more “boyish” attire,the other had longer hair and was more girly.

“Oh.Those are Leona and Amelia Richardson.They were twin sisters.They were both six years old,but Leona was older by minutes.Leona is the one with shorter hair and Amelia is the one with longer hair.” Annabelle-Lee said,pointing to them.

“What happened to them?” Their parents asked.

“Oh.It’s a real tragedy.Want to hear the story?” Annabelle-Lee asked.

Cassie tapped her foot impatiently,her parents were telling her not to be rude and Avita wasn’t saying anything.She WASN’T in the mood for a scary story.

Annabelle-Lee looked at Cassie.

“Story time it is.” Annabelle-Lee said.

“Once upon a time,in the year 1993,there were two little girls,not much younger than you,little one.” She said,smiling knowingly at Cassie.Cassie smiled back.

“They lived happily in their mansion.After all,who wouldn’t be happy,when you have all the money in the world? Now,they were no strangers to name calling,for people have called them “spoiled brats.” They,however,didn’t care.But one day..” Annabelle-Lee paused for dramatic effect.

Avita rolled her eyes.

“..a new circus opened up in town.A young man named Lucas Ladouceur opened it.The two little girls were delighted.They wanted to go to the circus! So,their parents took them there and they forgot anyone ever name-called them.They didn’t have any troubles when they were at the circus.”

“It should end there,but it doesn’t.Lucas had noticed they were attending all the time and he wanted more money.He somehow found a way to turn people into skeleton-vampire hybrids and he wanted to…turn people into those things.So,he asked their parents if he could take their daughters and turn them into these monsters.They,of course,refused.But,in his anger,Lucas burned the entire house down,with the girls still in it.The house burned and collapsed on them.Mr.and Mrs.Richardson escaped,but they never could get over their grief.” Annabelle-Lee said.

“Did they know who burned the house down?!” Avita asked.Now,she was interested.

“No.They never found out.Lucas DID get the ending he deserved.But that’s a story for another time.” Annabelle-Lee said.

“Now,if you’ll excuse me,I’m going to ask your parents to sign these papers.” She said,gently pushing Avita away.

Avita stared at the two little girls.For some reason,she felt like she might actually get to meet them.

She didn’t want to.

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