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It is the biggest day of Cassie Drakes life, the day had come for her to get married to her best friend. Cassie has not been truthful to her future husband and now has to make a decision will she say I do.

Romance Chick.lit Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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I do……or do I?

So this was it, this was supposed to be the happiest day off my life. I took a deep breath to soothe my nerves as I stood waiting for my entrance music my brother by my side. The weather was perfect the sun was shining I could here everyone inside the small chapel in good spirits and then there was me. I was a mess inside. I may have the exterior to perfection with the help of my hairdresser and beautician of cause but my interior was a different matter,that was eating away at me telling me to run be like Julia Roberts in that runaway bride film set yourself free before it was to late. I could see my brother Danny giving me the look he always did when we were young. The look of why the hell was I making him wear this suit on the warmest day of the year so far. He wanted to be here less than I did, he hated people looking at him but if I had to do this then so did he.

You see I chose my brother to be by my side on my wedding day because that's exactly what he has been my whole life. Sure we used to try wrestling moves on each other when we were younger, I vaguely remember being dropped on my head a few times as what I think was known as the tombstone and I also remember one time he zipped me up in a suitcase and threw it down the stairs, come to think of it maybe he isn't the one to be by my side today but in all seriousness despite all of our fights we were best friends, a best friend who owes me twenty pounds, I will remind him off that later even though I'm sure he will put it in my wedding card and tell me that's my repayment or say I owe him that money for making him do this.

Oh god was I really going to actually do this. Don't get me wrong I love Alfie with all my heart he is loyal kind and dependable. I have known him for almost five years now and not a single day has gone by where he has even raised his voice to me, in fact I think I could murder his stupid cat he come packaged with and he would say in his Alfie voice "It's ok I'm not happy but I know you didn't mean to run him over." God I did hate that cat don't get me wrong I am an animal lover but this fur ball has hated me from the moment it lay eyes on me. The look in its eyes makes me sleep with one of mine open. Honestly the other day I was minding my business pouring myself a glass of wine and it climbed up onto the table took one swipe with its paw and knocked my glass shattering it to the ground and then the mangy thing looked back over its shoulder with the look of "f*** you Cassie and shimmied off as if he were something from Ru Paul's drag race......well you know what Rocky (he was named after Alfie's favourite film) sashay away Shantay I stay. Suddenly my entrance music made me jump as it began to beam out behind the closed door.

"Are you ready." Dan awkwardly linked my arm his hand rubbing down his leg.

"What are you doing?"

"My palms are sweating not only have you picked the hottest day to make me where this but now I have to make a tit of myself in front of a hundred people who you say are family but I swear I've never met Graham, the person who claims to be our cousin in there." And there it was the moaning of the suit but he was correct about Graham in fact about half the people in that chapel I haven't seen since I was about four years old but mum insisted they come.

"I can't control the weather can I and just keep your dirty hands of that suit it's hired it's going back on Monday, any damages and you will be paying the charge which reminds me you still owe me twenty pound from a month ago."

"You've made me wear this stupid suit that's my compensation money." I couldn't help but laugh I knew him to well.

"Why didn't you talk me out of doing this?" My voice changed to a nervous plea of help. He was my older brother I needed him to calm me right about now.

"Cass you have always gone on about your big day don't you remember when you were ten you even made a folder with your wedding day mapped out for you."

"Yes but I was also marrying Nick Carter from the Backstreet boys and where is he! He's married with three kids he actually broke my heart you know."

"For god sake some things will never change. I actually remember the day you cried because he cut his stupid blonde curtains off I think you even got a day off school for that." Dan shook his head laughing as he remembered my obsession with my favourite boyband. "In fact I am surprised you are not walking down the aisle to one of there songs." I shot him a smirk "oh you are joking me is that your wedding dance. You have honestly got Alfie wrapped around your little finger haven't you! What one is it Everybody not larger than life is it I actually don't mind that one."

"I knew you were a secret fan I bet when I was out you used to play all my cds."

"Shut up come on they will be sending out a search party if we don't go in." He give my arm a gentle brotherly squeeze "Come on it will be fine. Alfie is a great guy he loves you and I really want to take this bloody jacket off."

Taking a step forward toward the opening door I took one last deep breath.

Ok you can do this Cass we can sort this mess out when this is over. Oh I might have forgotten to mention one teeny tiny thing. I was five weeks pregnant and I wasn't sure if Alfie was the father.

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