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Sara and Millie have been friends for a while and now the two of them have done something new. WARNING!!! This is not suitable for people under 18, unless you want to like read it I advise kids(yes, people under 18 are children) to please leave. Thank you<3

LGBT+ Tout public.

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-Chapter 1-

It was a really hot day and Millie had wished she did have to walk. She felt as if she were about to have a heat stroke and the school was still a minute away. Another minute of inseparable heat, great. By the time she finally got there the bell had rung. Millie ran inside and got to her class. As she looked around the class there were like no seats. Suddenly she saw a hand raise up. It was her best friend, Sara. She had left a seat for Millie beside her. Millie rushed over to her.

"Hey Millie, how you doing?" Sara patted the seat showing that she could sit there.

"I've been good I guess how about you?"

"Oh you know, the usual," She winks at Millie. "Horny." She laughs as she sees Millies face turn red. When the class starts Millie starts to feel something touch her thigh. She looked over to Sara.

"What are you doing?" She whispers so the teacher doesn't hear them.

"Idk." A few minutes go by again and Millie raises her hand.

"Yes Millie?" The teacher sounded tired.

"Can I go to the washroom?"

"Sure whatever.." Millie runs out and head to the bathroom. After another minute Sara walks in with her. Millie was drying her hand when Sara came.

"Oh hey Sara." Millie smiled as Sara walked up to her and pinned her to the wall. "Sara what are you-" Before she could finish Sara pushed her lips up against Millies. Slowing starting to

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