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Life’s a game

Life it a joke but sometimes intense sometimes both. I will use Monopoly as an expression. ok first you have it if the right game which stand for a path. Then you have to find the right player or in other word people that will stay till the end. and you can trust. Then you can start the game. when you roll it say how long you have untill somthing happens it could be good or bad. the space count as day and the stuff on it not whats in real life but it like what you have or what you can do while you stay there till you roll again. jail is jail you can get there many ways so careful pick wisely ( i dont think that a word...🤔🤫 dont tell anyone). anyways the chest card two thing could be there and i will use different wording when you have to gove money you pay taxs or bill which sometime. lead the money lost and when that happen soon you can't pay anything then you start the sell those tiny homes or hotels which is being replace with stuff and if that dosn't work you sell the whole thing that basic what happens in real life as well. then when your friend or you lose all money someone wins that mean death. and it can count if you have more land or money and stuff but if your out you are you friend are done and no coming back. with that being said make wise choices and make the most of your time.

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