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a collection of different stories made by a sunflower lover. gacha club is sometimes used for visual purposes, I do not associate with it's community. gacha club belongs to luni. also most of these stories aren't for kids as it will handle some dark themes at times.

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2nd Graders + HORROR!CATCF AU (Introduction)

Before I start the story, I will be introducing the characters that will be used for this particular story. Like said in the title, this will be a mixed alternate universe, where my OCs are kindergarten students, who are smarter for their age and attend at an elite school.

Then there comes the fusion of "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" but it has a much more sinister side; horrifying if I'm being honest.

The following characters take the role of only the five children and Willy Wonka.

Charlie Bucket: Winnie Sarajevo

Augustus Gloop:Misha Prokopenko

Violet Beauregard: Fleau Charmount

Veruca Salt: Regina Willis

Mike Teevee: Yui Harasaki

Willy Wonka: Alfred Hellstone

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Paro Sun - 18 years old - oc creator - writer/roleplayer

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