Layla Rose

Jade's life is flipped upside down when draged into an attempted murder case where clues find her, will she figure out who it was?

Thriller/Mystère Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

#pixies #Werewolf #vampire #fairy #fantasy #murder # #Bloody #backstabbing
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Bloody Emergency

"Help my sister's been stabed, someone get help please!" I faintly heard Sophie's panicked crying over everyone's chattering. I felt the hot blood run down my side. Every slight movement was agony as the serrated blade cut more. The world was blurry wilst I swayed with the bus. The pains unbearable when will It end? The amount of people on the bus had doubled, sounds are growing faint. Even without looking I can tell my blood is everywhere, I'm swimming in it,drowning as people attempt to help me.

"H..he.llo sweetheart blink twice if you can hear me," I must have blacked out while on the bus, I don't remember anything just befor passing out. Now in a bright yellow jacket was a woman, talking to me asking if I could hear her, I could I just wasn't able to respond. The pain in my side throbing a dull sensation. So instead I looked her in the eyes hoping to evoke a reaction."oh lovely you're responsive, we're on our way to the hospital now, we will be able to fix you up soon." soon? Will I die before soon comes? I don't want to die.

It seemed like hours before I felt the amblance pull Into the hospital. By then they had injeced me with multiple drugs, all making me just as sick as the last.

"Alright sweetheart we're going to hand you over to the hospital staff. You're going to be ok." the woman in the yellow jacket held my hand giving me a warm comfy feeling.

"She Has major bleeding from her left side, someone come put pressure on it now!" there's a man in a nurses outfit yelling at the other nurses to help me. I felt a weight on my side sending an agonising pain through my body, causing tears to run down my cheeks.warm and pitiful.

"Your going to be alright just hold on for a little bit, the pain won't last long." his tone was different to the lady who was on the ablance with me, her words were soft and calming, when he tells me it's alright its not as believable. Am I taking my last breaths?

I look at him with tears still rolling down my cheeks, he look me straight in the eyes then continues hooking the IV drip. My heart fell into my stomach, it felt like it was going to come back up and jump out my throat. Im only fourteen I don't want to meet death already.

"Her blood pressure is lowering exminster fludrocortisone now!" my heart started to pouned in my chest, thudding to the beat of the monitor. The machine that's counting down to my last breath. Every time I inhaled felt like fire mutilating my throat, my lungs could combust Any second. The world is spinning and turning. My stomach twisting in ways it shouldn't be turnt. I felt my eyelids finally give way they shut and the world went dark...

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