Ashaunta Williams

This is a book About a girl named Ashaunta whbuo met a celebrity singer songwriter Anson seabra and how they became really good friends but realized they have feelings for each other this is a book by Ashaunta Williams

Drame Interdit aux moins de 21 ans. © This Arthur is by Ashaunta Williams

#This #is #a #story #inkspiredstory #About #girl #named #Ashaunta #who #met #asinger #songwriter #Anson #seabra #they #became #best #friends #but #then #realized #have #feelings #for #each #other
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once upon a time girl named Ashaunta who met a singer songwriter Anson seabra they became really close with each other they became best friends and realized they have feelings for each other

good morning everyone said Ashaunta good morning said the whole family so what are you excited about said mom well I'm glad you Ask because I'm excited because this weekend I get to meet my favorite celebrity in concert this weekend said Ashaunta oh that's right Anson seabra said dad yep I got his Album concert ticket and back stage pass for After the show or before the show I'm so happy I've been really enjoying his songs so much he's really Talented and Awesome and cool and kind and everything I'm so happy said Ashaunta well I'm glad you're happy and excited for the weekend but just remember that right now you have to do other things too this week if you don't do the things you're supposed to do then you can't go to the concert and I know you know that too said dad that's right ur dad is right we're trusting you Ashaunta said mom okay I promise I won't let you or myself down said Ashaunta good girl said dad okay we have got to go Ashaunta do you have everything you need said mom yes and remember I'll pick up Jackson After work and my boss already knows that I'm leaving early today but if I can't for some reason I'll call you or dad to let you know what's going on I promise said Ashaunta okay thank you so much for the information

so Ashaunta got to work and told her boss everything that she have to do and her boss understands her Ashaunta took off work early to do some things before she got her little brother Jackson

hello said mom hey mom just wanted to let you know that I'm on my way to pick up Jackson and I have to go to the store is there anything you want me to grab for you just some more baby food for Jackson and Pampers and for ur dad he just wants a TV dinner mac and cheese and brownies and chicken nuggets said mom okay said Ashaunta what size Pampers said Ashaunta I'll text it you said mom okay I just pulled up to the daycare so I have to go said Ashaunta okay said mom call me when you get home said mom okay I will said Ashaunta I'm here to get Jackson last name said the teacher his last name is woods said Ashaunta okay right this way please said the teacher hey Jackson are you ready to go home but first we have to go to the store to get a few things for mom and dad said Ashaunta

Ashaunta grabbed her baby brother Jackson and went to the store she got some things on the list. then went home before her other siblings came she called her parents to let them know that she was home put up the grocery and her and Jackson went to sleep

hey Ashaunta said carly hey carly how was school said Ashaunta it was good just got a few homework I have to do I may need help with. them said carly I can help you said Ashaunta really said carly yeah said Ashaunta what kind of homework do you need help with said Ashaunta I need help with math mostly said carly okay well let me do something first and then I'll help you with math but in the meantime go ahead and do your other homework first said Ashaunta okay thank you so much Ashaunta your the best big sister in the world said carly

so carly did her first two homework while Ashaunta was doing something then her other three siblings came home josh lizzie and caleb.

hey guys said Ashaunta hey Ashaunta said lizzie josh and caleb mom and dad said that they will be home in a little bit but their not cooking and their not stopping anywhere so it's go for yourself night so if you want me to fix you something let me know before I help carly with her homework said Ashaunta I just want some PB&J said caleb okay so then everyone gets pb&j and chips and dip for dinner said Ashaunta okay said her siblings

so she fixed them dinner and helped carly with her homework and went to bed After her parents came home they saw the note Ashaunta wrote them and they were really proud of her

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