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I was in a school with my brothers in it.I met a people I considered as my friends.I thought they are just making fun of me but I was wrong.Those whom I thought that would be my bullies turned up to be my friends!And since I'm the only girl on us (siblings)I've now already experience what having a sister is!Correction,Sisters!They erased the trauma my old 'friends' gave me--or should i say fake friends!But what about my love?My prince?When will he come? -RayRay_cutebear

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#squad #action #enemy #betrayal #friends #school # #section #drama #Humor #Fantasy
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Minton Lrain Academy S1

So hi,I'm new here btw so don't expect that this story will be perfect as you think.

And ofc I want to say that this story will be taglish,so you won't be confused:)

So let's begin?Lez go!!

penge milk tea hehe jk

and yes kapag may tanong ka your free to ask meᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟ

ok let's begin.


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