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Eye to eye with the Devil Face to face with a monster How in the world she will get out of this hell hole? One minute she saw herself going to her night shift and coming back tomorrow morning. Just like a blink of the eyes. She saw herself getting kidnapped, kept hostage, getting raped, tortured, and beaten. The questions that keep spinning in her mind, How in the world I will get out of this hell hole? will I ever see my family once again? Huh, she keeps asking those questions over and over again. But only God knows the answers. ©copyright 2022 by Milla All Rights Reserved

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Chapter 01

My name is Mia Green and I'm a full-time nurse for almost ten years. I usually worked two mornings, two nights, and get two off.

But, one Friday six oh two. I was in front of my mirror in the bathroom and I was fixing myself to go to work.

But I was doing my stuff with a speed. Because I know if I don't do it like that. I was going to miss the bus, seven oh five.

I quickly goes to my room, took my blue jacket from a clothes hook behind the door, I put it on, with my hobo handbag on my right shoulder.

I bend over and gave my husband Kevin and my four years son Leo a goodbye kiss and I go straight downstairs.

I grabbed my keys from the coffee table and I stepped out of the house. I locked the door and started walking to go to the bus stop.

When I arrived close to the bus stop. I saw the bus leaving in the distance. But it was early than usual. I started to run behind it like a crazy person and shouted to stop. Unfortunately, I was too late.

I was extremely angry and also disappointed with myself. Because I know easy to get another bus in my neighborhood and I was going to be late for work.

But I had no other choice, only to sit at the bus stop and wait for another bus to come.

About twenty minutes after the bus stop left. I saw a yellow sports car stop a few away from the bus stop and returned in reverse.

It stopped right in front of the bus stop and the window come down. A man probably in his late twenties, looked at me with a smiley face. He has a bearded face, black curly hair, and dark chocolate skin. He said, "Good evening miss. Do you need a ride please?"

I looked at him with a curious face. I was trying to figure out if I knows him or saw him before.

He said, "Relax miss. I just want to help you. Because I know it is not easy to get a bus around here. So hop in and I will take you to your destination."

He was very nice and polite and I did not see any red flags with him. So I got up on the bench, entered the passenger seat and he started driving.

"Where are you heading too?" He asked with a calm tone of voice.

I replied with the same tone, "Am going to the hospital."

"Hospital?" He made a worried face, "Are you sick?"

I shook my head, "No, I am not."

"One of your relatives had been admitted?"


"Your friend?"


"So why you are going to the hospital then?"

"Well, I'm a nurse." I removed my batch from my pocket handbag and show him.

He looked at my batch and focus back on the road. He asked, "Oh, your name is Mia?"

I nodded my head slowly, "Yes, it is. How about you?"

"I'm Ryan."

I reached out my hand, to give him a handshake, "Nice to meet you, Ryan," I said with a smiley face.

He gave me a handshake, "Thank you, you too nurse Mia" and we continued to smile at each other.

We stayed quiet for a few minutes and Ryan said, "You are so sweet nurse Mia. You made me want to share my secrets with you."

"What secret?" I curiously asked him.

He took a minute and said, "I always wanted a nurse in my room."

I was very confused. I asked, "But, why?"

He said with an appetizing voice, "So that she can give me her juicy medicine, on my hard head needle" and he licked his lip.

I kiss teeth and rolled my black eyes.

He started to laugh awkwardly and said, "Chill miss, I was just joking with you."

"Oh, okay" and I gave him a fake smile.

Ryan continued with his questions, "Anyway, are you married?"

I proudly said, "Yes, I'm."

"How many years?"

"Eight years."

"Do you have any children?"

"Yes, I do..."

"How many?"

"A four years son." I removed my phone and I showed him pictures of my son on my wallpaper phone.

He looked at the picture and focus back on the road, "He's very handsome. What's his name?"


"Wow, what a beautiful name."

"Thank you."

He looked at me from head to toe and asked, "So, your husband fuck you well?"

I frowned my face with him, "Why?"

He made a chuckled and said, "I just want to know if he made you feel well his dick, in your tight wet pussy."

"It's none of your business" and I rolled my eyes.

He put his hand on his chest and whispered, "Ouch, you are a feisty woman. But I liked that."

I thought he will shut up his mouth. But he asked me, "Do you like to chock on dick?"

I did not answer back.

He put his hand on my lap and move up slowly to my private area, "Why you are not answering back? Cat caught your tongue?"

I pushed his hand away aggressively and shouted, "Hey, do not touch me."

"Why not?" He grabbed in front of him, "You afraid of my monster cock?"

I was speechless and also felt awkward. But I sighed with relief. Because the bus stop nearby the hospital was full of people. So I quickly said, "You can stop right here. Thank you so much for the ride."

But Ryan did not stop the car.

I looked at him and shouted, "Hey, I'm talking to you. I told you, you can stop the car.

He increased the speed and acted like I was talking to a giant wall.

My heart started to beat fast and I began to feel threatened. My phone was still in my hand. I slowly dialed 911.

But Ryan saw me in the corner of his eyes. He snatched my phone in my hand and throw it outside the window and made all the windows come up.

I shouted, "What is wrong with you? And where the heck you are taking me?"

"SHUT UP BITCH." He said with a loud and violent voice and gave me a quick angry stare.

I took courage and shouted, "NO!!! Just tell me why you are doing this to me?"

Ryan did not answer back.

I started to scream for help at top of my lungs, "Somebody helps me. He's trying to kidnap me. Please help...

Ryan yelled, "For the last time I tell you, to shut your fucking mouth."

I ignored him. I continued to scream for help as louder as I can.

Ryan continued to tell me to shut up. But I did not stop.

Suddenly, he grabbed me by my hair and pulled my face right in front of his face with a force. I can hear my bone-cracking behind my neck.

He screamed in my ear like an angry lion and yelled, "I told you to shut your fucking mouth" and banged my forehead on the dashboard with all his strength.

At this moment, everything turned completely for me.

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