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This story focus on Ryan and other friends. They going to protect the whole universe from darkness and evil.

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School Time!

The Time I was 16 years old, I wake up in the morning.

I'd turn off my air-conditioning in my room., I'd open the window, it

was full of house and I see is squatter and me I lived in subdivision

Name Amaresa 2 in philippines., I was in present time, I go in the


and take a bath....

After bath I came back to my room and put on my school uniform

because I go to school, I was grade 7, I climbed down a stairs and I saw

my mom cooking bacon and eggs.

I'd greeted my mother and dad and they greated me too....

I saw my brother's climed down on stairs, There

Twins name Joemark.

walter and jason mikhail.

and my dad seat on the chairs and read.

news paper, we eat breakfast whole family, My mom told me that our

lunch is already on the car so I thank my mom.

Mom told dad that

take us to school

and my dad consent....

After we finish our breakfast, We go to car and dad took us to school.

We made it in the school then we go down in the car then I thank my

dad Then my dad said “your welcome”.

We go inside the school I took my brothers in there classrooms my

brother's is grade 2,

My brother goes inside in there classroom.

And me

I climed up then I saw the kid was being bully, I told the 3 guys that.

stop bully the little kid

being bully but they'd ignore me then I saw a little kid gave his own

money to 3 guys.....

I'd angry with them, they look at me and the first guy approach and

go to front of me and he told me “don't be inferrering”.

Then he

punch me in face but I avoided and he loose balance then 2 guys are

going to beat me up.....

The third guy I'd kick his private part, the second guy I kick him on

his face then The first guy are grab some metal stick and going to

beaten me so avoided.

and kick his foot and loose his balance and those

3 guy throw the little kid money and they run away....

I ask the little kid if his Okay, The kid said his okay and he thank

me and I ask him “what are you doing here you supposed to be stay

in your classroom”.

I saw the kid lonely and his red rose is broken,

the rose is made of fabric and he buy it on canteen....

I told the kid where going to buy some flowers in canteen

The kid smile and jumb around he was so happy and he thank me so

we buy some flowers.

I ask him what his going to do his flowers....

He said His going to greet his teacher His a nice kid and I have

mercy to that kid.

I can't belive They bully this little kid, I take him

to his teacher, I ask the kid what his name he said his name is hazu.

so we walk and we going to find his teacher......

I saw his teacher in classrom on second floor Grade 10

Her name Teacher Hana.

The kid run into teacher hana and he hug

her and he gave her a flower this that time is teachers day.....

I told teacher hana that his student was being bullied, Teacher Hana

was so angry she ask who's the student that who bullied that kid so I

said “I don't know who there are”. and those guys look hight school”.

But I Told her what there look like, so first we go in Grade 8 in

second floor.

the grade 8 classroom look big have a flowers

decorations, They have 37 chairs, green walls, One Big white board

and one rest room to the right.

So we talk the adviser of grade 8 amd look around but we find


Next grade 9 look so beautiful they have 32 fancy chair, One television, One big white board and air conditioner, green walls and

one rest room to the left So we look around and found nothing......

Next Grade They look amazing they have teacher's day decoration, we

found the three guys,

The first guy name kenji, The second guy name


the third guy name daiki.

They got report in school pricipal....

The 3 guys reprianded by principal, I feel I Have a bad feeling about

this and what I did I'm not so happy but i'm glad The little kid happy and I think this 3 guys report me to there parent's and there

parent's are going to kill me......

and I think this 3 guys report me to there parent's and there

parent's are going to kill me......

Teacher hana and the principal thank me. The three guys bad looks

at me and I was so curios and I'd tell my self

“I need to becareful Next Time and i need to stay alert ”.

Because when someone have bad looks at me I feel like I'm getting


So I came back to my classroom, after I go inside my classroom.

All the students look at me and I try to explain everthing but she don't even cared. my teacher said “your late Push up 30 times”.

I push up 30 times “1,2-3”. all the students laugh at me and

they said I'm stupid, jerk and while i'm reading books there throw me

some paper ball in my head. “20, 21-22”.

I just keep pushing myself “27, 28, 29-30”. I stand up and get back to my seat.

And the student adjacent said “jerk”.

While my teacher explaining I'm drawing in my notebook

draw some stickman.

The school bells ringing.

I go out to my classroom I'm head to the


The time It's recess time I buy some bread and coke.

My brothers call me and they said “come and eat with us”.

so I go and i eat with them.

After we eat.

I go to the terrace and look in the sky. The sky look like have colorful sun, light blue sky and clouds.

The 3 guys earlier climb up to beat me up, they hold metal stick.

Kenji said “payback time”. So I'd ignore what 3 guys said.

Kenji going to beaten me so I avoided and kick and I made him lie down my hands is on my pocket.

The two guys keep attacking and me

keep avoiding to there attacks.

There so fruastrated.

I'd kick haru in face and dakie i kick his private part. Kenji is going attack.

I jumb and spin and kick his face his has been strike down....

They where lied down on the floor then I said “ see ya later folks”.

I'd climb down and I didn't notice there are someone spying at me.

After the whole day it's time to go home now.

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