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Evelyn, Caroline, and Timothy are teens so ambitious to succeed behind the limits. But, life takes a turn when Evelyn got an anonymous letter from an unknown pal. She didn't or wasn't ready to receive a letter with such goodness in it from someone she never knew. It became a hobby for her but the more time she spent replying to these sweet letters the more she felt like meeting the person behind the words. Once the time comes for the meeting what was the truth? Was the guy she met the one?

Romance Suspense romantique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans. © ©Diew Pout All rights reserved.

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Chapter 1: Getting ready

New month days are always busy days for young ambitious teens who want a better tomorrow. So, it was the same for me, Caroline, and Timothy. We are ever busy day-to-day with activities so rich with change. Our goal is to achieve success and change our history. This month we are to involve ourselves in one of the weddings happening in the neighborhood, and last month we were for a walk-out health tour which resulted in us discovering one of our powers. It is this month that we do need time to work out our minds. Two days back we received a letter from Caroline's father, asking her to do a task he had given her. And us being friends who do things jointly we work it out.


This evening has been so hot with the sun displaying its rays on my light skin. I had just taken a shower and yet my body is feeling like an iron placed in a hot furnace. My eyes are so thick to take any blink of a recent glance at my window. Making another glance at the sun I was informed by my sense that its time to prepare for work.

Caroline texted me today and she was giving me the prompts for the day_our daily tasks we know. I got dressed up in my favorite outfits and waited for Timothy to come. As though she knew I was thinking about her, my mom called. I ripped off the call and my ears met her 'childy-notorious' word I knew since childhood, "Always remember I am your mom, so never delay answering my calls."

"Yeah, mom I know and will always do," I answered her with acceptance and forced laughter on my lips.

"So, how have you been? Does your dad take good care of you?" She asked with little curiosity and concern in her tone.

"Yeah. He does it with no blame. What about working there, how is it with you?" I gave my dad a positive because I don't want my mom to be worried and feel insecure.

"He's so good, right? Maybe I shouldn't come back this year?" She said jokingly and we laughed. I guessed she must have half meant it.

"I still do miss you no matter how much he cares for me. I longed to see you again, soon." I poured out all my heart for her, knowing that she knows a 'mother-daughter love' that can't be faded by time or distance.

"Don't worry darling, I am always praying hard to God to make a way so safe for you to come to visit me." Her voice became so soft and full of caresses meant for me.

"Amen. I thank God for giving me a special mother like you." I tried to make her glad.

"Do everything that needs to be done. And talk to uncle Taylor, he has something to tell you. Bye, and wish you good health over the night." She gave me her last advice of the day or even of the week.

"Bye_" I murmured and the call got disconnected before my last words. My mother is the only one I can't allow any distractions to interrupt when talking to her. She's my life and my everything.

I didn't realize that Timothy had been at the door for the last seven minutes. It surprised me that he came and didn't it. Dressed in his full-time long trouser and black leather shoes, his eyes so blue encircled in the love, I always fall for him. No matter how much I admired him, he's still my friend. And the friendship we built over the years since childhood can't be fitted into a relationship.

"That was amazing. Who was that?" He walked other steps into the house. His eyes met mine on one side of the glance. How awkward do I feel? We had spent time together like best friends in the world. No more touching of our bodies can tempt us though.

"That was my Mom." I whirled to the other end of the table to pick up my handbag.

"Oh! Shall we go now?" He rubbed his hands on his head, acting as if remembering something.

"Maybe no. I haven't packed yet and my dad isn't home now." I got up from the couch and swiftly run to my room to arrange my belongings. I brought out my bag. And how I wished everything I had in my room was able to fit all inside. My books, outfits, make-up, and all other stuff I need for the weekend ride.

I pulled out every important book I have on the shelf, whorsing with pride. I do thank my Dad for respecting all my rights.

I was packing the third book on top of the other one when I felt a heated look on my body. I didn't get surprised to think of who that person should be. I know it was only Tim in the house and my judgment is right. It's him leaning on my door, watching me.

"How long is it taking to get to our destination?" I asked Tim, standing at the door of his car and buttoning my shirt. My dad came, sorry I forget to mention it. We didn't say much, though. Just that he permitted me to go, so here I came.

I trusted my dad so much that I can't do anything without letting him know even if it was something he can allow me to do.

The journey started and we bought all that we could need during our stay over there. The snacks that are my favorite friends lost two tins on our way to the refueling station. How am I going to spend the time till our last stop now? The songs are boring there's no topic to discuss. Sleep. Let me nap.

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