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him and i

Nobody knows the story of me and my boyfriend. My name is Olivia Perez. My boyfriend is Jaden Walton. We didn't meet at school. We met at the first party we had this school year. I knew his brother for a few months, I knew about their sister and little brother because javon let me meet them. I knew he had a twin but i've never met his twin. I didn't know I was talking to javon's twin until javon came over to us and was asking us weird questions.

Night of party:

"Yo Jaden why are you talking to Olivia?" Javon asked Jaden. "Wait, you know her?" "Yea that's Olivia Perez." "oh, as in the girl you've been hanging out with all summer." Jaden was quick to respond. "Wait, i'm confused. How do you guys know each other." I budded into the conversation. "This is my twin brother Jaden." Javon replied. "omg i've heard so much about you. i'm olivia." "i'm jaden." "okay lovebirds me and jaden are leaving so exchange numbers or whatever." javon says interrupting our conversation.

We exchange numbers. "y'all ready to go?" jayla asks. "wait, do you mind taking me home cookie? my ride left and i was gonna walk but my feet HURT." i say. "of course." jayla responds. As we walk to the car it's silent, until javon brakes the silence. "OMG OLIVIA STAY THE NIGHT MY PARENTS WON'T CARE." "sure wanna." Jaden called their parents and they didn't care. I basically live alone because my mom is always out of town and my dad isn't in the picture so I didn't bother asking anyone if it was fine to stay. We were in jayla's car and Javon was up front leaving Jaden and I in the back.

We were in the car and it was impossible for me to keep my eyes opened at 2 AM. I put my head on Jaden's lap and fell asleep.

"Olivia wake up." Jayla says. I eventually wake up and walk inside. "OLIVIAAAA" daelo said. "MUMPSSSSS" i say in response. I walk into the movie room and lay on the floor until jaden walks in. "Olivia get up. Do you want to watch a movie." "Yeah." "ok i'm gonna get the snacks and you get in the bed." I got into the bed that they had in the movie room. Jaden comes back and we watch 'Samaritan'. "Wait, is that wanna?" i ask confused. "Yea i'm the other person in the mirror haha." he replies. "What, that's so cool." I say then finish watching the movie and fall asleep.

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