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For Ayana her life seems very boring. A house full of people and no peace. She lives in a big beautiful house with tons of things. However she’s never been truly happy. Until a boy comes into the picture. Crisanto is Ayana’s neighbor he’s always happy and has something to do. But things get a little exciting when the two get to know each other. Grand adventure awaits them in the sky. With maybe a brother that hitchhike’s on their adventure. Author note: feel free to like and leave your reviews!😄 Also you should go check out my in progress novel “Dreaming in the stars”! I’m really sorry but I messed up chapter 18 it will be put as chapter 19. because when I was writing I forgot to transfer it to chapter 18 if that makes sense so sorry.😅

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You gotta know my family

It's weird how life is sometimes. You can know somebody your whole life but never really know them.

My name is Ayana I know really weird name right? You'll find out later though what it means.

Listen I have a really boring life I have 5 siblings. 4 sisters and 1 brother.

You can imagine the drama that happens in this house.

The funny thing is though me and my brother are way close. Like we're inseparable, sure me and my sisters are close but we're not that close.

They mostly like to talk about makeup, nails, boys, and other super girly stuff.

Me personally I'm not like them. I'm more I wouldn't call myself tomboy but like I'm not girly girly either. It's hard to explain. Anyway I've gotten side tracked.

My brother's name is Cris. He's my built in best-friend we play video games and pull pranks on our sisters.

Really whenever I have guy trouble I go to him not my sisters.

I mean what better to get guy advice from than a guy am I right?

Now I can't say the same for my sisters.

first off there's the oldest.

Tera she's the one thats the wisest she's the goody goody that every parent dreams of. Good grades with no disobedience to spare.

Then there's Andrea the next oldest. She's the drama queen she's the kind to fall all over guys. Hang out with her friends all the time. She's also super popular.

Now you have the youngest. There's one thing I forgot to mention me and Cris are twins so that's why we get along so well. Any way back to the youngest.

You have Trish and Maddie. They love to get into trouble. Luckily they're not quite old enough for guys yet. So at least that's a plus.

Now let's talk about our ages.

Me and Cris are 16 Tera is 19 Andrea is 18. Then Trish is 13 and Maddie is 12.

I know a lot of people. Now there are my parents my mom and dad work at a big company.

Not trying to brag or anything but we're pretty well off. Now don't get me wrong I love my family and my life. It's just boring I do the same thing over and over. I go to school, get good grades.

Then come home go to my violin lessons head to my self defense lessons. After all of that go to dinner with my family. Then hide away in my bedroom trying to get some sort of peace and quiet.

It never usually works though because Cris usually come barging in to play video games and talk. Which I don't ever mind. My brother is amazing and I love him.

Now our social lives are completely different. He was blessed with great looks, tall, black perfectly styled hair, with crystal blue eyes.

He doesn't even have to try to look good he just does.

My sister Tera is another one just born gorgeous.

Dark brown flowy hair, big green eyes that shine and glow, as well as being super tall and thin.

Andrea is super obsessed with her looks. She knows she's pretty and brags about it all the time.

Brown hair, deep green eyes, although she's not as tall as the rest of my siblings. Still though blessed with being pretty.

She loves doing her makeup which I don't know why she does she's super pretty without it.

Maddie and Trish have to be the prettiest 12 and 13 year olds I've ever known. brown hair, green eyes and pretty tall for their age too.

my brother gets his good looks from our dad. My sisters get their good looks from our mom.

Now As for my parents Jason and Laura prossy. My mom is stunning super tall, dark brown hair, with deep blue eyes you could get lost in. My dad who's extremely tall, with jet black hair, and deep green eyes.

Then there's me. I personally don't think I'm anything special to look at, but my whole family always tells me other wise.

I'm pretty tall, I have jet black hair just like my dad with mom's deep blue eyes.

Now back to me and Cris's social lives they're complete and total opposites. He's super popular and has tons of friends. Your typical football jock.

He has girls all over him but he never takes any of them. He always tells me I'm the only girl that matters in his life. That family is way more important than some girl who just wants him for his looks and popularity.

Me I'm basically invisable. Though that's partially my fault. I don't really like talking to people so I don't really blame anyone for not wanting to talk to me.

Cris is always super nice about everything though. All of the football players love me cause I'm his twin.

They say they'd do anything for me if I ever needed it.

I know this is a lot to take in but you gotta know the family.

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