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Bobby a mentally ill boy living with his older brother Melvin in the outskirts of nowhere discovers an old creepy video camera in his home and unleashes something ominous.

Paranormal Lucid Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Artifact of the unknown

It was a rainy evening around 7-7:30 p.m. Noah and his fiance Lena were going through the woods ( an one way road ) to visit their old friend Melvin. Noah was driving the car while Lena was busy on her phone , suddenly noah hit something and Lena started to panic and when Noah got out of the car , there was nothing up there. He was confused. He could have sworn that he hit something. He looked around and the straight road surrounded by the woods seemed like it had no end. He got into the car and calmed Lena and they started to drive to Melvin's place. After a while they reached Melvin's home. Lena rang the doorbell and a boy opened the door. He introduced himself as Bobby and that he was Melvin's younger brother. He told them that Melvin will be home soon and he invited them into the house. He looked kind though he acted kinda creepy. He spoke with them for a while and after some time Noah asked when would Melvin arrive and Bobby told him to wait for some more time in the meantime he invites them for dinner. Them who were filled with hunger agreed and sat at the dining table , Bobby went into the attic which was connected to the dining room , it's been a while and Melvin still hadn't arrived and there was no sign of his brother who went into the attic. It was so silent all of a sudden and Noah spotted something on the shelf , when went near it , it was an old creepy video camera recording them. Then he smells something so bad that he couldn't stand it and Lena stood up and went near the fridge where the odour was coming from , the fridge was white in colour. It was a single door fridge and there was red stains in the handle , Lena who was already in a frightened state opened the fridge and something spherical fell down coverd in a white cloth. When Noah unwrapped the cloth it was a woman's head with lots of blood and the whole fridge was filled with human body parts covered in blood , Lena started to scream in fear and Noah was petrified and from the attic came the monster who did it, covered in blood with a blood stained knife in his hand and he picks the video camera from the shelf and chases them like a maniac screaming. Noah and Lena ran out of the house filled with fear towards the woods which was behind the backyard of Melvin's home and Bobby was chasing them into the woods and all of a sudden he lost them. Bobby realised it and started laughing. On the other hand Melvin had returned home and the door was open and the house was a total mess and he started to panic and look for Bobby, his mentally ill younger brother and the caretaker who was supposed to look over Bobby untill he smelled something so bad. Following it he went to the dining room where the head of the caretaker was on the ground. His legs were trembling in fear and he ran out of the house and took his phone out in panic and called Bobby's Phone. After trying again and again Bobby picked up the phone and started to laugh and Melvin shouted "Bobby where the hell are you? what is happening, the caretaker is dead! I thought someone did something bad to you!" to which Bobby replied laughing "I'm in the woods behind our home playing catch with your friends as you told me to, you must have seen their faces " hearing this Melvin gets even frightened and says "As I told? I did not tell you to do anything" Bobby said "Wait I even recorded it" and he opens the camera and sends him the footage. And he also starts to watch it. Suddenly Bobby stops laughing , in the footage when he left to the attic leaving both of them in the dining room, something creepy happened, Lena took a screwdriver which was covered in blood from her purse and was hiding it beneath the table and Noah had a knife behind his hands , they both were laughing looking at the video camera like they both knew where it was from the beginning , and Bobby in a terrified state realised that they both have lured him deep into the woods. He started to panic and Melvin after watching the footage shouted "Bobby what have you done! Run! They are not my friends! I don't even know who they are! Just run!". Bobby who is now petrified turns around and suddenly he freezes gazing at those two standing behind a tree smiling and waving at him with bright red demonic eyes. With all the energy left in his body he started to run for his life. He ran and ran until he saw a road in the edge of the woods. He ran so fast and when he stepped on the road , a car hit him. And two people got out of the car and it was Noah and Lena.

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