nwanchor-kelechi-cornelius Nwanchor Kelechi Cornelius

This short poem reveals the meaninglessness of life with nothingness end in connection with our sudden departure on earth.

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Retrospecting on the memories

Death remain an indefatigabe

That imprison and malign

Many great souls.

In disorderliness of strength or weak;

Its an eternal puzzle.

Death is a torture to the marrow;

Though a call of nature.

Oh death! Why do you remind us

Of how short we could live on;

Even as we thought how sure we could stay forever.

As you always nip us on the bud,

Upon all our earthly beauties.

Upon all the wealth and power en massed.

O Death! Aren't you a friend anymore.

Yet you forced us to bow eternally

As if we're defenseless in the face of the powerful,

But, are we really guilty of such.

You made us to smile in disguise

As we roll along with your bruises

And resentfully recount our days in the midst of your threats.

Life is a proof of vanity

Clothen with veil of temporalities

Void is ours in all we claimed.

© Nwanchor Kelechi Cornelius

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Nwanchor Kelechi Cornelius I'm a passionate Writer and poet whose interest is to create and add inspiring values to lives of people in the Society. I'm indigenous of Ebonyi State,Nigeria.

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Nwanchor Kelechi Cornelius Nwanchor Kelechi Cornelius
Dead is an indefatigable force as it remains the necessary end of every mortal.
April 12, 2022, 13:01