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A journal of a scientist and his team who created a virus that at first they thought it was going to make humans stronger, more capable of doing things imposible to be done from humans, but it all went wrong and the virus created a beast, a beast all countries wanted to create more for military advantages, and create an army of the dead which made humanity close to extinction.

Post-apocalyptique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans. © InkIce

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The experiment

My name's Peter Coleman and I was a scientist before the virus broke out, me and a team of other scientists where trying to make a new injection to make humans more durable, more capable of doing things normal people can't do, jump higher, have stronger and more durable bones even run faster, we had alot of volunteers for this program.. most of the time it wasn't just volunteers, our investor brought prisoners or homeless people to test on.

Our first experiment went well, the guy who took the injection was stronger than anyone, he could break steel and could punch a hole through a concrete wall, but everything went downhill from there.

In the morning we went back to the lab to have more tests on him, he was drained of blood, his veins where blue and his body cold and rotten but he had pulse and he was breathing even though he looked dead, he gets up and looks at us while Michael a scientist from our team tries to talk to him, the man grabs Michael from his head and takes a bite out of his neck and eats his face while he was screaming, we get out of the lab and run towards the exit, I looked through the cameras and the "beast" as we called it was feasting on Michaels dead body while blood came out of his neck.

Security arrived and entered the lab, they start firing at the beast and it falls down, they thought it was dead but it was their biggest mistake, the beast gets up and bites a security guy's leg with it's sharp teeth but he didn't eat him, weird I thought while the security dragged him out of the lab closing the door.

We tied the security guy on a chair and had multiple tests on him, his nerves had died and his veins where becoming blue, the legs temperature was cold and it had started to rott, we amputated his leg so the blood wouldn't circulate with the virus.

A few days pass and more and more countries wanted the virus for military purposes but I knew if we did that the world was going to end and humanity would extinct, our investor broke into our lab and took a sample sold it to a guy for two billion dollars, I knew it was the end of us when I first saw the beast or the dead as they keep calling them now.

I woke up to an explosion the other night, I heard screaming and gunshots, I look out of my window and see an army of the dead killing, spreading the virus, I turn on the TV to check the news and we where in quarantine, all countries had the virus except small islands which military took people too even though I ran to my bunker I knew I wouldn't be safe for long, I knew the end was coming for us.

Today is sunday morning, four months after the incident I'm flying with a helicopter over a ruined city, most of them have been wiped out of humans and only the dead are seen lurking around, searching for a prey to feast on, me and what's left of our team from the lab are going to try and find a cure, even though nothing was going to be the same after the disasters, nothing would be normal again.

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