Dene Juliette

the girl is going to lose all her mind

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crazy about sex

once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl who lived in a big house with her mother she was fatherless her mother married a man he worked in a big house it was the home of the bown families his father-in-law was a farmer his mother became pregnant she gave birth to two boys when the girl is 15 she fell in love with a young boy on his birthday they went to the cabin to make love he had a good time The next day the young girl left school to go find her boyfriend she could no longer study sex was like a demon who possessed her one day the young man got sick he couldn't stand the pain his mother called the ambulance he died on the way to the hospital his family was heartbroken the young woman was at school she didn't know if her boyfriend had died the mother cried saying that her son never told her that he felt bad that she must know the causes of death he asked to do an autopsy. season 2 cause of death infections penis crush

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