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This poem reviews the thought of the privileged toward others. As they see everyone around them to be lazy in life as they think life is a bed of roses, without the knowledge that whatever one becomes in life is just a privilege not by strength.

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Life is like a bed of roses;

Awaken with many fortunes.

To them;life is a desired journey,

Enveloped with map of favourable opportunities.

To them; diligence is unknown crown.

As indolence remained a crown to the weak.

In sight,they foresee laziness to all across them.

As they never believe you could be better of,

For nobility is just a privilege;

Not by anywhere your strength.

By same privilege, you're more potentially endowed.

Mock not; you only stand by dint of privilege.

If you're privileged enough to stand firm with life,never you think others are lazy.

© Nwanchor Kelechi Cornelius

© 2022

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Nwanchor Kelechi Cornelius I'm a passionate Writer and poet whose interest is to create and add inspiring values to lives of people in the Society. I'm indigenous of Ebonyi State,Nigeria.

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