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Chapter 1

Once a upon the time there was a young man name Runo. He was a college student to get his book writer degree. He wants to learn about writing; anything to be a book writer. It was his dream to be. After he finishes class, he went home and go to school every day and went to other classes but mostly he wants to go to his favorite classroom about to learn to be a book writer.

Then all of a sudden, when he came home and slept, he heard someone's voice when he was sleeping. He woke up and wasn't at his room. He went to another dimension that he never seen

before. He said, where am I, who are you? He saw a fairy she was small. Are you the one who is calling me and took me to unfamiliar place?

Yes sir my name is Luna, you are a chosen one. We need your help. I am how we feel your energy that is so strong that you can defeat the big monster called The over. They are destroying our home. Every time we try to fight it but they are too strong can help us? I would but I don't have the power I'm just a normal college young man that want to be a writer how I go back to my world? We will send you back home after you defeat the over and need you to save the world. Here your weapon call the Dino Flame, the emperor wants me to give the chosen one a strong weapon. This one is for you my chosen one this weapon chose you to be a warrior.

Gulp how do I use it? We will train you we feel the strong energy within you I have the feeling that you be able to defeat the monster with your strong positive energy. We feel you are strong. Let me take you to meet the emperor. He would like to meet you. Follow me. Ok so Runo follows the fairy name Luna. Then he saw her turn big.

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