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The Chronicles of the Labyrinth is a project intended to be a collection of many stories from The World Forge. A majority of these stories will be one shots but there will be some that will consist of sets. I write in my own style I call Record Style so please do not expect mainstream novel format. If you’re ever interested in doing a collab, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Instagram @labyrinthofcreation_teg.official

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Deep in the Omniverse, there exists a cosmic being known as Prime, possessing boundless power & imagination. This entity created & ruled a verse on the farthest edges of the Omniverse, where none other resided. But Prime sought to create something new, something different, that could be less grounded in strict rules. The urge to create overwhelmed him and he temporarily departed his beloved verse and set out for the center of the omniverse, a location where multiple creators could witness as he forged this new creation.

As he traveled towards the Center, Prime would ponder to himself about what he would create. He felt that no simple creation would achieve what he was striving for. But a creation too intriquit would defeat the purpose of his venture. Then suddenly the perfect idea came and he knew exactly what to create.

Upon nearing the center, Prime was overjoyed, anxious to begin forging his knew and unique idea. And then, Prime began, a process that took only an instant.

Prime: "Let your edges collide, your ring be wound, and your womb be lined with Twilight."

From his command sprang forth a spherical structure, the Labyrinth of Creation, a Paraverse designed to hold an infinite number of universes. Prime gazed upon his new creation, and deep within, he was proud. At the center of the Labyrinth was constructed the World Forge, a cosmic ovary that would birth extraordinary worlds fertalized by the power Twilight. But there would need to be an Overseer to carry out such functions effectively, at which Prime would create the Forge Master.

Prime: "From concept to form, from Light & from Darkness, be born and embody that which is Twilight. You shall be Raihgira, Forge Master of the Labyrinth."

Thus, in the palm of his eternal hand the Forge Master was born, elegant, beautiful, and full of power.

Raihgira, Forge Master: "I am Raihgira?"

Prime: "Yes, it means Twilight Mother."

Raihgira, looking down at her hands, took a moment to evaluate and understand her existence. She then shifted her investigating eyes up to the face of Prime.

Raihgira, Forge Master: "You are my creator?"

Prime: "Yes, I am Prime, the Master Creator. You are my daughter, of whom I created to oversee this Labyrinth. Your function will birth new and unique universes that soon will bring forth many beautiful creations. Those creations will in turn bring about extraordinary stories to be shared in planes of existence such as the one I originate from."

Raihgira would turn around and gaze at the Labyrinth, observing its beauty, and envisioning its potential. Then suddenly, she smiled, acquiring a sense of satisfaction that only herself and Prime would ever come to know the reason.

Raihgira, Forge Master: "I understand my purpose then."

Calm, composed, and without looking back, Raihgira flew from Prime's hand and towards the Labyrinth. As she went to fulfill her purpose, Prime stood watching, and again was proud.

After spending much time attaining all possible knowledge within the Labyrinth, Raihgira gave birth to two daughters. Her first daughter was Koedei, the Primordial Darkness. Bleeding out of the essence of Twilight was a beautiful girl, who possessed long purple hair covered in white highlights. Dawned in elegant armor and darkness that obscured her body. Her eyes, blind to light, were covered by soft fabric, truly embodying the darkness in every facet of its purity.

Raihgira, Forge Master: "From my essence and by my decree, she who is devoid of light, the inducer of fear, and the weaver of shadows, be born Koedei, of Darkness!"

Then came the birth of her second daughter, Sidaya, the Primordial Light. Shining out of the essence of Twilight was another girl with beauty equal to that of her sister Koedei. She wore a dress that Was covered in a graceful yellow and orange shine. Her long golden yellow hair was only matched by the brightest sun-like glow of her eyes. Sidaya truly personified Primordial Light.

Raihgira, Forge Master: "From my essence and by my decree, she who expels the dark, the bringer of hope, and the composer of colors, be born Sidaya, of Light!"

The births of Light & Dark were complete, their power felt throughout the Labyrinth as Raihgira gazed upon them. And in that moment, she was proud.

Koedei & Sidaya loved each other as dear sisters, despite being conceptual opposites. They were inseparable young girls, roaming the Labyrinth while Raihgira forged the first series of universes. The sisters hopped from universe to universe playing their favorite game, Hide & Seek. What seemed like a simple childs game though, was more intertwined in the process of creation & destruction then one would expect. As Sidaya hid, Koedei would search, and upon discovering her sister, a burst of excitement would birth a new universe. Then as Sidaya would find Koedei, a similar burst of excitement would result in the death of another universe. These were more than just young girls playing silly games, these were Fundamental Forces carrying out the cycle of Universal Birth & Death in the reality of the Labyrinth.

But as the sisters grew older and matured, they became bored of the childish games they played as young girls. They sought something new, something that would bring them more entertainment and a unique experience.

Koedei, of Darkness: "Sister, I grow weary of the same childish games we play. Let us try another."

Sidaya, of Light: "I concur, Hide and Seek has gotten very... redundant. But how about this sister."

Sidaya had come up with a new game. One that could alter the very Labyrinth itself. It was a game of simple rules, yet not a game you'd expect Sidaya to propose.

Sidaya, of Light: "Let us play a game of wits & domination. The first to gain complete influence over the most worlds in the Labyrinth, wins."

Both Raihgira & Koedei were surprised by this new game Sidaya had proposed. They understood what type of game this was and never thought it would be something that Sidaya would be the one to suggest.

Koedei, of Darkness: "Hmm, intriguing yet surprising at the same time. I accept. So what shall we call this new game?"

Sidaya, of Light: "Nothing extraordinary, we'll simply call this game... Conquest."

The two sisters smiled happily at each other as they set off in opposite directions. Raihgira would be left alone to contemplate the possibilities this game would produce. She was the embodiment of balance and such a game would impede on that concept.

Raihgira, Forge Master: "Guess I'll be joining in this game as well."

Raihgira could only smile, as she sat on her throne and observed the acts of the Labyrinth.

Raihgira: "Such troublesome girls of mine."

And thus, the game of Conquest... began.

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