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Time can be so ruthless, it can slip trough your fingers as sand,

and you will never get it back. You can't fight with the time, time

will always win. Be grateful that you are here, and that time, is given

to you, do something good with it. Make good memories, and forget

about the bad. Live at the here and now, and look forward to what has

coming on your life path.

Try to get joy about the good moments they where more worth than

money can ever buy. See time as something precious, that's given to us,

the people living on this planet. The time is still thicking, if you want it

or not, time slips through your fingers, just like sand can do. The only

thing that you can do is finded something meaningful, ad worthy. Later

when you are old, you can laid back and say, yes, I did something good

with my time.

I'm glad that this time was given to me. I realize what I always wanted to

do and now I have reached my goals.I'm thankfull for the time that's still

given to me, and I try to make the best of that. I have a life fullfilled with

pleasure and joy, and without time I couden't make it, so thanks for the

time that I have got, it felt like a bliss to me, I'm happy that tis is given to me

as a citizen of this earth, this all was it really worth.

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