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Do you know what lies behind the darkness? Do you know what eyes you are yet to uncover? Elena Martinez is a young-adult. Her life as been nothing but ordinary until one day, she got the unexpected. She soon realized she was not just a normal girl. Was she an Angel? Was she a demon? Or maybe she was both. Either way, her life was at stake. All she now wished for was to live happily with her mate but that wish wasn’t sure to come true.

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Chapter One

Volume 1:- Finding my peace

~Find what you are, believe in what you are, be what you are~

Note::: the whole of this chapter is written in third person.

Have you ever wondered if humans were the only creatures? If all the myths you heard your whole childhood were true? If there's more to what the eyes have seen?

Well yes there is.

Elena could be seen walking on the streets. Didn't seem to know where she was going.

She began to stagger from exhaustion till she suddenly passed out on the cold sidewalk.

"Where am I" she thought. She had found herself in a weird and eerie place.

"The Angels and Demons are enemies. They've always been" The voice behind the bright light called.

"Who are you" Elena said. She began to wonder where she was. What had she gotten herself into?

It was a dark empty room. A bright light shined upon her. She couldn't understand a word it was saying.

"Elena Martinez. Your time has come. It is time for you to fufill your purpose"

The light got brighter and people appeared in the room. In no time the room was filled with thousands of people.

Could the confusion get any worse, she thought.

Heaven or Hell and each person would disappear. Was that what it meant by purpose? That she was dead and going to rot in hell?

People got transferred to their respective places. After everyone was gone. She was there all alone again. It was her turn. It was a first come last served thing.

She closed her eyes thinking about all the stories she had heard about hell. The terrifying tales.

"Open your eyes" the voice called.

She slowly opened her eyes. She didn't know whether to be annoyed or terrified.

"You demand an explanation right" The person behind the voice called and she nodded.

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JY Joni Yaga
Ohh, this looks interesting. I can't wait for the next episode \(ϋ)/
February 18, 2022, 13:42

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