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The Wizard of Odds

Today a found a dollar bill,

But it cost me five bucks to

park my car.

I play with music for the thrill,

But it's never got me very far.

A part of me they tried to kill,

I spilled my guts down at the bar.

They say that life's a bitter pill,

Too many smiles look like scars.

I'm come so far, in my nearsightedness.

Whiskey in the jar, is a temporary bliss.

Sometimes I'm a dog, when I make

the pussy hiss.

I just gotta ask, who's ass do I kiss?

I'm starvin' for meat, so fukkin' throw me

a bone.

I still get defeated when I play all alone.

I keep getting cheated out of seeds

that I've sown.

My shadow won't leave me, wherever

I roam.

A house has never been my home.

I'm watching a movie, I keep

having to pause.

I'm losing my hair as I'm

trimming my claws.

I bought tickets to freedom,

but got trapped by the clause.

I never break even 'cause

I'm the Wizard of Odds.

I ran into Jack and Jill,

but they lost me when

they fell so far.

They had just gone up the hill,

As I wished upon a star.

When they fell, the water spilled,

and ruined my electric guitar.

I became shockingly ill...

When I saw my love, stripping

at a single's bar.

I'm feathered and tarred, at least,

that's how it feels.

I bought a bag of plastic oranges,

because I thought they were real.

I didn't know 'till I got 'em home,

then couldn't get 'em to peel.

Do you know how much money

they steal?

I need some heat, I got a chill

in my bones.

They're taxing my feet, so my

shoes are on loan.

What attracts a phat beat, is

the ability I've shown.

My time is getting shorter, but

look how much I've grown.

I'm typing for hours on a

dumb smart phone.

She's waiting to do me, but

my zipper is stuck.

I'm losing my hard on, she's

wanting to fukk.

My hands down her pants

with her legs in the air.

She tears like a bear,

'till I'm bare down there.

Life is a movie, I keep having

to pause.

A constant manipulation,

exploiting my flaws.

To be, or not to be, the

question still gnaws.

Have we learned nothing,

from The Blizzard of Oz.

I bought tickets to freedom,

but got trapped by the clause.

I never break even 'cause

I'm the Wizard of Odds.

Written by: Michael Taylor

December 22nd 2021 ©

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