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Part 1

Hi, my name’s Nagami Iosa and I’m the prisoner of the demon lord” Nagami had dark-purple hair with hazel eyes wearing a black shirt with blue jeans. He walked into the throne room of the demon lord who sat on his throne with his fist resting on his cheek with a smirk across his face.

The throne room had a dark-red carpet with black painted walls, the demon lord sat upon a black throne with red gems on the arms of the seat as he looked at his prisoner with a seductive smirk. He had gleaming red eyes, long white hair wearing a black cloak. “Welcome Nagami, so glad to see you”

The young man grew nervous as he approached the demon who looked at him with a dominate look. He stood before the demon lord who motioned his knights to leave the room even his elite knight in black armor that stood beside his throne as his guard. “So Nagami…you have two choices, stay by my side as my prisoner, or be killed by hell flames” The demon smirked extending his hand as purple flames manifested from his open palm.

[Flash Back]

Nagami stood outside the café he worked at looking at the moving traffic on the road in front of him when he could heard screams echoing through the streets. Quickly turning his head he saw a tall knight in black armor as it marched through the streets before focusing their attention on him. Advancing toward him, the knight moved swiftly across the street, grabbing Iosa by the collar, lifting him off the ground with one hand. “You seem perfect for my lord, let us go” The assailant announced with a deep voice.

The man was pulled through a purple rift before finding himself inside a dungeon. The walls were stone with steel bars on each cell, a cold draft flowed through the halls as Naiomi began to get goosebumps. “You shall wait here before our lord calls for you” The knight tossed the poor man into the cell before locking the door.

The prisoner quickly got up gripping the bars shouting: “Why am I here!? Who are you!?” His assailant looked at him for a moment before answering: “Our demon lord Akunon is looking for a human to keep as a prisoner and ordered me to search for one I thought would be a good match for him. Though my lord has many beautiful women who serve him in this castle, I assume girls…aren’t what he’s after”

[End of flash back]

(I don’t want to be trapped here, but what do I have in my normal life that’s worth staying? All I ever did was work a nine to five low-paying job…no friends…my family don’t talk to me and I never could find a boyfriend. I guess staying here is better than my old life) He looked at the demon responding: “I’ll stay and do what you say my lord”

Akunon grinned motioning him to come closer. Nagami could feel a radiance of demonic energy as he got within inches of his new lord. The demon grabbed the man’s arm pulling him over to him as he pressed his lips against the human’s. A sudden burning sensation flowed through Iosa as a blood-red sigil formed on his chest before Akunon released his grasp.

“W-what did you do!?”

“I’ve placed a slave sigil on you, the moment our lips made contact, I placed it on you, with it I will know where you are and can command you to do what I want. I may be a demon, but I won’t do anything rash unless you disobey me. Now then, shall I show you your new room? But first, what is your name? It’s only fair since you know my name”

“It’s Nagami Iosa…”

“Ah, Nagami…let us go” The demon rose up from his throne standing 6,2 while Nagami was 5’10. Not short, but felt short when standing beside Akunon. They made their way out of the throne room out into a large hallway with large glass windows aligning the right-side of the hall as light flowed through. Nagami was uneasy, yet felt some kind of safety beside the demon. (He’s a demon, yet hasn’t hurt me yet. If he wanted to, he could’ve killed me, yet has only acted dominant, compared to getting bullied in school, this is nothing)

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