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The Storm That Changed My Heart

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Bee

My eyes snap open. It's dark in here.

What's that sound? Storm clouds are near.

It's loud and eerie, fear motivates my ass.

I'm leary as I get up to go look out the glass.

I see a huge twister, off in the distance,

as pieces of debree are swirling around.

It picks up a cistern, and in an instance,

metal and water come crashing down.

I watch for a minute to see which

direction this funnel of destruction

will plot it's course.

I watch as a barn house is gone in

an instant, shredding the structure

with such mighty force.

My heart starts to pound, increasing

in rythm, as the panic and fear starts

to surface in me.

The deafening sound of the rain and

the wind, as the twister comes closer

but there's no where to flee.

I scramble around, but you wouldn't

hear a sound over howling high winds

and the torrential rain.

My possessions surround me, but

what can be found, to protect me

from loss when there's nothing to gain.

The twister is closer, the sound and

the force are pushing against the

limits of man.

Gotta keep my composure. I can

survive, but of course I need to come

up with a plan.

There's no basement, no where to go,

as a sudden realization overcomes

my head.

The only logical thing I can think of,

retreat to the closet with the mattress

from the bed.

I pushed and I shoved, as my maxed out

adrenalin gave me the strength needed,

to get the mattress in place.

I heard from above, the crackle of lightning,

as the glass from the windows explode

towards my face.

I closed the door to darkness as the

screaming wind is all I can hear.

Sounds off in the background of

Destruction, as my death draws near.

I close my eyes and pray to God, 'Please

make this twister go away!'

But all I hear and feel is the carnage from

nature's most powerful force on display.

I hold my hands over my overwhelmed

ears because it sounds like the whole

world is being flipped upside down.

I keep on praying, hoping that God will

hear, and spare my life, and spare

this town.

The roof is shaking, more windows

breaking, if I'm not mistaken,

I hear the horn from the car.

How much more can this little house

take before the walls are ripped

right from the floor.

Then just as suddenly as the twister

became, it changed it's direction as

the winds came undone.

The torrents of rain, became droplets,

tame, by the unseen hand of The One.

The sun came out, and the gap in the

door frame, lit up like a spotlight,

as the daylight returned.

I gleefully shouted, 'Thank you, Oh Lord,

for this lesson that I have so

thankfully learned.

In spite of all the things we put our time

and our faith into. None of it can save us,

I think it's kinda odd.

Tonight, let's be thankful for the things

that are proof, of His wonderful

attributes, and put Our Faith In God.

Written by: Michael Taylor

September 5th. 2021 ©

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