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Artificial flavors...Artificial colors.

Artificial sweeteners...

Artificial lovers.

It's official, I'm to real for this

artificial play.

Much to visceral...

No critical thought in the

people I see today.

All these mimics,

Fall for the gimmicks

that tear at the center

of what we could be.

Let me be specific,

If you don't like it, then

lick it, you'll see that the

taste is not what's perceived.

The object in the mirror may be

more shallow than what appears.

Even though the reflections clear, it's

blurry behind your self loathing tears.

Lets go drink more beer, we can drown

our woes until tomorrow.

Bring that liquid courage here,

We know what's soon to follow.

This game will leave you hollow,

If you entertain this fantasy.

It will leave you wallowing,

in your own plasticity.

Manufacturing disaster,

A design that has no pity,

and artificial intelligence...

The god of our plasticity.

Artificial saviors. Artificial brothers.

Artificial behaviors.

Artificialy, is how you see others.

Superficial, starting to peel

the realest part of you away.

Sign your initials, the cost is

additional if you need us to

teach you what to say.

Fake colored lips, no waist and all

hips, fashion slips off of

the skeletal form.

Fake YouTube clips, intelligence

dips into an area below the

usual norm.

I reject these fears, I'm not controlled

by the strings of puppeteers.

Let's get one thing clear, their

voices disappear between my ears.

Here's to all my peers... Cheers,

To all the lies we have to swallow.

It seems that all these years,

We cannot keep, but only borrow.

They're high in Colorado, but it's

not what it's cracked up to be.

Searching high and low, for a

permanent reality.

They carefully build the backdrop

for this superficial scene.

An artificial embodiment...

The god of our plasticity.

Hail Our Plastic Diety.

Written by: Michael W. Taylor

January 7th. 2022 ©

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