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Look I didn't want to have to do this but now I'm a little pissed.

I got this weight on my chest and people on my shit list.

I spit like proverbial fists in your face, your rhymes are a disgrace, it's time to put you in your place.

You all sound the same, my words are vicious. your words are plain, my words are nutritious.

It's delicious the flavor I am as an MC.

I'm dropping plates on those that step to me.

Don't need to bring the past up, I got plenty of ammo. You're like a kid with a squirt gun... I'm comin' like Rambo.

I'll leave you in shambles, 'cause you can't handle me.

So go on with your rambling...

Keep up with my vocabulary.

I'm extraordinary.

I do it for the glory, and I'm always

on my game.

My life has been a Hip Hop story.

Your bars are repetitive and lame.

I think you've gone insane,

Thinking you can win with no skill.

I think I heard the school bell ring,

Now where do I send this bill?

You think this little lesson's free?

I'll tax that brittle ass, little G.

And I don't need no industry...

I'll do this independently.

My flow is so Savage,

I ain't playing no game.

I'm in it for the music,

not the fortune and fame.

It helps me maintain,

Just like the weed that I smoke.

I take it to the brain...

You take it and choke.

Alot of folk don't understand...

Don't bite off more than you can chew.

When I got the mic in my hand,

you're probably gonna lose.

I refuse to misuse and abuse

the way we flow.

Put your mic down, hands up,

come on! Here we go!

Now everybody here,

that's surrounding me.

Put your hands up,

get down, follow me.

Everybody from the

Hip Hop creed.

Indeed, I need y'all

to sing with me.

Everybody here,

In unity.

It's time to have fun,

everyone I see.

Everyone who claims to be free,

Put your hands up...

Cause I'm an anomaly.

Now pay attention.

There's more I must mention,

not trying to kick a dead dog.

Stop being so pretentious...

Don't live in a fog.

'Cause I flog fake cats with

no flavor and personality.

There's a song out called B.U.

Oh yeah, it was written by me.

Oh say can't you see,

That with all of your might.

I'm the anomaly, that

shines bright in your sight.

Empty shit talkin' don't mean

a thing to cats like me.

I don't need to get obscene,

to write you off as history.

Get your jaw off the floor, B!

I'm not sorry to bring you the news.

Here, take the mic...

I need to wipe your tears off my shoes.

Written by: Michael W. Taylor

February 5th. 2022 ©

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