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School horrible experience

This incident happened to me one year ago . Our final exams are coming up and I still needed to do a lot more preparation . Usually our school's library would close by 5:00 but because of the exams the school decided that the library would be kept open until midnight .

So that if kids wanted they could stay to study and prepare for the exams.

My house wasn't far away from the school. So instead of studying at home I preferred studying in the quite calm library and mostly prepared for the exams there .

That day I left my house at 6 o'clock and soon reached the library to prepare for the exams .

I was so absorbed in studying I didn't realize that it was now 10 o'clock. I had never stayed in the library for that long usually . I would be on my wayhome at around 8 .

Even at 8 o clock therewould be at least some students in the library but at 10 there was absolutesilence .

I only had about 10 to 15 minutes of work left . So I decided I'll just finishthis quickly and then return home . I was completely lost in my work when I heard someone limping I quickly grabbed my books and ran out of the library . There'savery long corridor outside our schoollibrary. At the end of that corridor . Whenturn right you'll find the schoolexit door I went through the corridor and was quickly getting near the exit . When I saw women standing at the end ofthat corridor

I didn't know who she was but as I gotnearer I felt more and moreuncomfortable. I got so uncomfortablethat I called out who's thereas soon as I said that . She was gonewithin a few seconds . I sighed a breathof relief and continued out the front door. Due to exhaustion and hunger Icouldn't even walk properly . But Inoticed that the street was strangelycompletely empty which was extremely oddbecause the street is normally very busyeven at night . You can see people walkingon the street .

Panic in fear I kept looking at theground While walking . I was nearly homewhen suddenly I saw a shadow on the ground stretching out to me even though there was no one around me .

when I lifted my head I saw a woman

walking in front of me . I found her very

strange . She looked as if she was

disabled and that she was having troublewalking and she was walking so slowly

that I caught up to her in no time . Now Iwas so close to her that I could see herclearly. She was wearing tattered dirtyclothes and her hands and feet weretwisted also her hair looked very messy .

I found it so strange that I stopped inmy tracks.

I was frozen.

I couldn't utter a word due to shock.

My brain went numb I didn't know how toanswer her strange question.

out of fear

I pointed far far away to the woman overthere. I just wanted her to go away. shelived to where I had pointed to her andshe walked so far away that I couldn'tsee her anymore.

I was terrified of the thought that she might appear in front of me again.

so I ran as fast as I could .At that

point my brain couldn't think about

anything else other than finding someonewho could help me a car or person oranyone and then at that moment I heardthat woman screaming from far away .


after that I remember nothing . When Ibecame conscious I found out that myneighbor found me passed out on theground and he brought me home . I foundaside from him that in 1998 there was a32 year old women named Agatha ,

she had a 10 year old daughter who alsowent to Eden Hill school

One day whileplaying with her friends she had anaccident and died .

Agatha couldn't bear the thought of

losing her child.

After that agatha's goes to a scene

Roaming around in Eden Hills And thesurrounding area looking for her lostchild she's still wandering hoping to bereunited with her daughter .

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