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Mostly, Sometimes Often, See

Softly, Polluted rain drops fell.

Silent was the Cathedral Bell.

Sulfer... The obnoxious smell.

Violent were the fires of Hell.

Costly, plenty of souls for sale.

Buying into a system that failed.

Loafer... The check's in the mail.

You cannot be free when your mind

Is in jail.

Tossing a one sided coin in the air.

Crossing a barrier that just isn't there.

Squandering time without any care.

The ride's breaking down after paying

the fair.

Mostly, Sometimes Often, See.

Coasting down the hill for free.

Pondering how this came to be.

Did our future become our History?

Ghostly, Illuminating with no light.

Finally started swingin' at the end of

the fight.

Toasting... Raise your glass to the


Made it to America. Hidden out of


Hosting. The world is a stage.

Tell the dungeon master to turn the


Boasting. The world is locked in a


Hollywood clones hardly age.

Roasting. Chestnuts over a Pagan fire.

Asking honest questions to a notorious


Heart on the sleave, like a bird on the


Attention Employees! You're all Fired!

Coughing. Keep your distance from me.

I'd rather lose my head, then take the


Offing... Everyone that I see.

Chinese soldiers dressed in U.N.



One pill makes you larger, and one

can make you small.

But the one the government gives

you, an abomination to us all.

Go ask Andre the Nephilm.

When he was seven feet tall.


Cloudy. Cumulus or mushroom cloud.

Silence from the violent crowd.

Sulferic gasses melt away.

The pile of bodies on Judgement


March 13th. 2021 ©

Written by: Michael Taylor

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