Miriam Mae

Jan was your perfect guy for goofing around, but not when it comes to love. We change our minds though, so let's see if he'll fall in love or not.

Romance Romance jeune adulte Tout public.

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Jan was a big troublemaker, he hardly listened to anybody.

if you've got anything to say, he's not your best hubby.

He had no interest in girls and in having a relationship, he just loved goofing around, you might even say it was a talent.

A new girl stepped into his class and immediately Jan saw her, he felt something, something churning, it made him feel so uncomfortable.

As the girl walked past his desk to take a seat, he didn't dare look at the girl's face for fear of what he was feeling.

Suddenly, he stood up from his seat, pushed her out of his way and ran to the restroom.

What was that feeling?

That girl was his new target for trouble.

He smiled to himself and went out of the restroom.

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