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This is a short poem that expresses the trauma of heartbreak as a result of betrayal of a trust.

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His heart is bleeding because she left

To unknown hero,

As her heart was no longer at hold for him

Though, the sky is still very brighter,

But could only be seen when light shines.

Though,the joy knows no bound,

When the sky was still smiling as usual

To let out it's brightness at ease.

But gloom has clouded the brightness

To the brim without a choice.

The heart cannot see any light a little longer

For the stars had disappeared beyond the sky, Yet disappeared to appear to the unknown

As she dangles in thought of her ways,

In search of more brighter fate.

The heart was left cried to stupor

As the wound is still very fresh to bleeding,

Without any attention.

As the sky isn't faithful to unleash the light

Nor even fateful any longer.

He had been forced to wear a garment of betrayals,

By a heart he had chosen to love,

All till the end of life, here on Earth.

Yes! He has noted all his flaws,

As the trauma increased to the brim.

For the heart is left in the mud of loneliness,

Though never knew it could go that way.

As he can't stand,talk nor even move along,

Because his heart is bleeding for a helper.

They had chosen to alway move in twos,

As he thought she could be the chosen,

But, never knew she could left him to match with pains of betrayal, forever at heart.

© Nwanchor kelechi Cornelius

© 2022

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Nwanchor Kelechi Cornelius I'm a passionate Writer and poet whose interest is to create and add inspiring values to lives of people in the Society. I'm indigenous of Ebonyi State,Nigeria.

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Nwanchor Kelechi Cornelius Nwanchor Kelechi Cornelius
That's the bitter side of the love mostly experienced by people.
January 04, 2022, 17:37