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School reunions can be boring...unless you remember an old crime.

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I was getting ready for this school reunion Edward is forcing me to go. There is no point for me to be there, I switched schools before graduation. The memories of that time are still foggy in my mind, not sure why. At the very least I had to remember names. Mom always leaves old stuff in the attic, so I bet that my old photo album is there. Looking through the pages. I find it, my old classroom photo.

Everything hits me like a ton of bricks. In the middle row, with the white bow, I see Maya Elias…

…The girl I killed.


My mind must have blocked it. Back in elementary school she and I were best friends and did everything together. Maya was from a rich family while I was from a middle-class one, so she had many toys I envied.

It happened a month after Christmas, she came back from a cruise vacation with the most charming a beautiful doll I had ever seen. We went to the park, which had these small hills we loved to roll down to, and played with our toys. I asked Maya to lend me the doll but she refused. I was so mad, she had all this expensive and wouldn’t let me play with on doll? It wasn’t fair.

Next day, I saw her on that hill, I don’t know what came to me, but I pushed her and took her doll. She rolled down the hill but hit a rock. I waited for her to wait up, but she didn’t. I refused to go to school afterward and eventually changed schools.


Someone knocked on the door, bringing me back to the present. It was Edward. We took a ride there.

I couldn’t believe I was actually there.

“Oh my god! Is that you Nori?” I turn and faced the person who called me, she looked familiar somehow. “It’s me! Maya!”

My eyes grew wide. Maya was alive.

But if she was alive…

…who was the girl I killed?

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Elisa Viteri Empece a escribir a los 15 pero me ha gustado leer desde siempre. Mi sueño es publicar una saga de libros y con ello inmortalizar a mis personajes. Mis historias podrán tener sus fallas pero estoy segura de que la trama es capaz de llamar la atención. Quiero creer que mis historias pueden ser queridas por otros y apreciadas tanto como yo las aprecio.

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